Use Stuffed Animals for Beautiful Interiors

Use Stuffed Animals for Beautiful Interiors

Stuffed animals may be attractive and appealing and both children and youngsters adore them but finding right storage for them often proves to be a hassle. You want to utilize as little space as possible so putting them all in a big container looks like a useful idea but you also want to show them in a good way so that concept goes down the drain as swiftly as it came. Maybe you’ll have more luck with this concept:

Use Stuffed Animals for Beautiful Interiors

Things you’ll need:

Stuffed Animals


Foam Core


Craft Knife

Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Sticks

Duct Tape

Pre-made plaques

Nails to hang or adhesive strips

wood stains



To start, first cut the head off of the animal. You need to allow it for 1” of extra cloth to wrap across the back of the foam core. 

step 1


Press as much of the filling inside the cavity as probable. With the cut side down, you need to place the head/neck on a sheet of foam core, tucking the extra cloth under. Utilize a pencil to outline the base of the head on the foam core. First, set the head aside and tidy up your shape. Utilize a craft knife to carefully cut out the shape.

step 2


Place the foam core cutout within the hole of the neck and start protecting the cloth with a hot glue gun. Begin at the top, add a dab of hot glue to the foam core and instantly press the cloth to it.

Step 3


Carry on adding glue freely and attaching the cloth. Where cloth overlays, pinch it organized and permit it to stand taller than the rest of the cloth. This will be cut off later. When you have completed gluing, set the head aside to permit the glue to set fully. Meanwhile, stain it with fast dry wood stains and then varnish the plaques with Rust-Oleum Varathane Water Based Polyurethane for Interiors.

Step 4


When the plaques have dried, utilize scissors to cut away the pinched points that you made with the overlying fabric. At this time, also take out as much as possible from the glued cloth, leaving you with a surface that is as flat as possible.

Step 5


Utilize the hot glue gun one more time to assign the heads to the plaques. Apply a plentiful amount of hot glue to the back of the head. You have to keep the glue about 1” from the edge of the flat surface. Press the back of the head onto the middle of the dry plaques and hold tightly for a second to make a tight bond. If your plaque has a hanger or hole for hanging on the back make sure to line up the head correctly. Permit the glue to set fully before continuing.

step 6


If the plaques you have bought already have hangers or holes drilled for hanging you are prepared to hang your mounted heads. If not, you have some alternatives for hanging. You can either add a D-ring to the back, a photo hanging bracket, or drill a small hole simply deep enough to fit over a nail. Otherwise, you could also utilize removable adhesive strips for hanging. Regardless of the technique, be sure to line up the hanger or hole with the animal on the front for an even result.

step 7

Step 8

Arrange your hooked up heads on a flat surface to decide the correct layout and then attach them to the wall.  

Step 8

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