How to Convert Old Glass Bottles into Beautiful Flower Vases

There is no any waste material in this world! Somehow everything is usable. Surely, you have many small and big old items in your store room such as sauce bottles, wine bottles, picture frames, old watches, furniture and more. Don’t throw them out because these can be transformed into beautiful fancy items! In this blog, you will learn how to convert old glass bottles into adorable flower vases! You can make easily by following simple steps that are accumulated below.

Required Materials
  • Old glass bottles.
  • Old newspapers.
  • Pots soap.
  • Scotch Brite.
  • Rustoleum Gold Spray Paint.
  • Flowers.
First Step
First of all, you need to remove branding stickers from bottles. Simply use pots soap to remove them. Sometimes they get removed easily but sometimes it is hard to remove them! Don’t give up if it is hard!!! You can use Scotch Brite in this case.
Second Step

Let your glass bottles dry! It is very important for proper paint adhesion that surface must be clean, dry, and free of dust & dirt. Thus, dry your bottles completely.

Third Step

Get your bottles, gold spray, and old newspaper in well-aired place like terrace or porch. Spread old newspapers on floors to avoid spray mist!

Fourth Step

Now, you need to paint your bottles with Rustoleum gold spray. Here are some tips for using aerosol spray paint! To avoid imperfection, just follow below mentioned tips:-

  • Before you start spray, shake your cane for a minute.
  • Keep your cane 20 to 25 CM away from bottles during spray and you need to maintain this distance.
  • It is necessary to keep the cane in motion otherwise only a particular will be painted more.
  • Don’t apply one heavy coat only. Several lights coats will give the more attractive look and ensure the durability of paint.
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