This Diwali Enhance Appearance of Your Home

This Diwali Enhance Appearance of Your Home

The festival of lights, love, prosperity, happiness, and brotherhood, i.e., Diwali, is the most culturally rich and the flamboyance festival of India. As we all know, the festival is just around the corner and it is expected that you have started cleaning up the house, buying new furnishings as well as dusting out scraps and old household items that have no longer use. However, it is also a fact that some items definitely holds sentimental value for you and you don’t want to throw them away. So, why not make a little effort to revive them. Sounds interesting!! Then, let’s start freshening them!! By cleaning and painting, you can easily enliven your valuable household items. Have a look the makeover of the following objects that we’ve done using Rust-Oleum Spray Paints to enhance the appearance of a home.

Diwali Decoration

Finish the Temple (Pooja Mandir) in Gold

Pooja Mandir is the main spot of light on Diwali. Thus, everyone puts their efforts to decorate the same! Till now, people have been following regular methods to decorate the temple but this time why not give a completely new look to your temple (Pooja Mandir). By using metallic gold spray paint, you can easily transform your ordinary Pooja Mandir into new gold finish just like the below-mentioned image. You can also paint sculptures and worship materials (Pooja Samagri) using the same paint if you want so.

Finish the Temple Pooja Mandir in Gold

Antique Look to Household Items

Instead of hauling off the old household items such as recline chair, wooden table, picture frame, etc. to the dump, you can turn them into an adorable one just by taking a couple of hours for painting and denting. It will be best to paint these old but valuable items with antique or chalked paint to give them an old charm. Finished with antique or chalk paint, these products can add a great touch of class to your house. However, you have to follow all the instructions and safety precautions found on the products.

give antique look to picture frames

Enhance Appearance of Drawing Room

This Diwali amaze your guests with an awe-inspiring and amazing drawing room decoration. However, this is also a fact that whatever style you choose for the drawing room in your house the end result will always be conditioned by the furniture you have inside the room. So, first of all, you will want to check the furniture you use inside the room and fix if any defects found them. If possible, re-paint or stain old furniture to increase the durability. You can also use Wipe New ReColor to bring back the beauty of faded chairs/tables.

Decorate Your Wall with Wall Decals

Wall decals or wall stickers are the best way of adding freshness and new look to the walls of your home. Be it your living room, drawing room, kids room, kitchen, etc., you can easily change the look in a very creative and easy manner using these decals. Also, if the idea of decorating the wall have already been finished, you can still opt for the decals including contemporary graphics, quotes, classic imagery, number stickers and many more. A variety of wall decals are available on online and at retail shop as well as you can also create your own stickers and can peel and stick on the walls.

decorate your wall

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