Padharo Mhare Desh: Rajasthani Home Décor Ideas

Padharo Mhare Desh: Rajasthani Home Décor Ideas

Rajasthan is a place where there is royal monuments, rich legacy and traditional fine arts that never fail to impress the guests. The comfortable life with beautiful interiors and colorful atmosphere isn't a fantasy and can be easily unified in your homes too. With Rajasthani decor, you can bring culture, traditional esteems and designs which can portray their grand stories.

Activities to use the best features of traditional interiors of India, joined with the new age design ideas, have brought forth a new rush of trends. Considering the popularity and picture of Rajasthani culture, here are some Rajasthani home décor ideas that will render your home a brand new look and would also leave a long lasting impression on your visitors.

Art of Miniature Paintings

The state is known for miniature paintings portraying the life of Rajput's and mythological stories. These paintings turned into an artistic expression in the state. Purchase replicas from the local Rajasthani markets and use Rust-Oleum Metallic Spray Paint which changes over general surfaces into attractive metallic finish. This paint is best for those replicas to give aged look to the surface or to decorate home items or to convert frames of artistic paintings.

art of miniature paintings

Puppets (Kathputlis)

Puppets, also called Kathputlis, are wooden dolls draped in colorful stuff including red, yellow and gold shades. However these dolls are not merely used for the puppet show, you can also purchase these and hang them around over your doorway. Another way to decorate the house with puppets is to arrange them in a frame or a scene from a mythological tale like Ramayana or Mahabharata.


Elegant Quotient Furniture

Carry this similar idea to your home with the help of a low diwan or a floor bedding to give any room in your home a royal look. Perfect to upgrade the Rajasthani theme, this style of seating can be your new furniture design. Wooden furniture with low designs are perfect to include an elegant quotient. Rust-Oleum's Varathane Premium Fast Dry Wood Stains are superior stains boosted with nano pigments and soy oil for extraordinary color clarity to your furniture.

elegant furniture

Make Walls Beautiful by Coloring

Brilliant colors in shades of orange and pink are exceptionally prevalent in the city of Rajasthan. Get in these shades to your interiors and convey them more close to the regal lifestyle of Rajasthan. Also try using brick red color on one of the walls that will convey you closer to the Rajasthani ambience. Colors like sky blue, peacock blue, emerald green and yellow will also convey vitality to your interior.

make walls beautiful by coloring

Unique Mirror Finish

You can either utilize mirror designs in your cushion covers and table covers or simply put a few pieces of mirrors in the triangle or square shapes and hang them through a thread along with different objects like stuffed birds to make it look like a wind chime. Rust-Oleum's Mirror Effect Spray is a creative coating that changes glass and acrylic glass into a unique mirror finish. It is perfect for glass vases, candle holders, framed glass, jars and tabletops.

unique mirror finish


Aside from its handicrafts, Rajasthan is also known for its textiles. Block prints, mirror work, embroidery all come together in a mesmerizing blend that makes blasts of color in your rooms. Modify your décor depending on your taste. Complete a classy game plan of block printed small, square pillows on your low-seats and pair this with a handwoven, bright-hued rug.


Traditional Decorative Cabinets

Like many elements of Indian interior design, traditional Indian cabinets are a great combination of functionality and aesthetics. Brightly painted and embellished with stone work using Rust-Oleum American Accents Stone Textured Spray Paint which is perfect to bring natural stone like look on surfaces. They serve as storage units in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen.

traditional decorative cabinets


When you envision Rajasthan, you think about a majestic land that has camels, elephants, towns and more. Include this royalty into your home and get delightful figures of camels, elephants, gorgeous chandeliers, attractive lamps and more. Carpets, rugs, chest of drawers, hookahs are some more examples.

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