Kitchen Table You Can Make On a Budget

Kitchen Table You Can Make On a Budget

You don’t require any unique woodworking expertise to make this gorgeous DIY kitchen table.

Not only is this a super project for a beginner to intermediary DIYer, it’s amazing for anyone who desires to save money, too.

DIY Kitchen Table You Can Make On a Budget

Just follow this easy tutorial to make your own DIY kitchen table:

Pine Boards

Kreg Pocket Screws

Wood Glue


Rust-Oleum Varathane Wood Stain

Table Legs

Screws for Table Legs

Kreg K4 Pocket Screw System


Miter Saw



Step-1 Determine the Size of Table

Cut any of extensive boards according to your requirements which makes it easy and swift for holiday decorations and food.

Step-2 Drill your Packet Screws

You’ll need to set it to ¾ and drill holes every 8-12 inches, with the outside pocket screw holes a couple inches from the edges. You need to drill holes only in 5 of the 6 boards. Your boards will appear a bit like this when you’re done.

Step 2 

Step-3 Connect your Table Top

Add one strip of glue along your board, align the first two boards, and screw them collectively utilizing the Kreg pocket screws. Connect all your boards together. Let it dry appropriately according to the drying directions on the glue you are using.

Special tip! As it dries after you’ve associated your whole table top, place it on a flat surface, and add some heavy things on it so it will dry flat & fine!

step 3 

Step-4 Hand plane the Edges

It’s unavoidable that your seams will not arrange in a line. Save yourself some major time by hand-planning the seams, emphasis on the careful!

This is the complex step, due to the fact that the hand planes can be much violent if you’re not careful. So, move that setting to low, and move gently!

Step 4

Step-5 Sand

Start with a low grit, like 80 to get free of all the glue and fix all of those seams. Move to a medium grit like 120 to grab that wood fine and even, then end with 220 to finish it off. Roughly 70 percent of your time will be spent on the lowest grit, around 15 percent on the medium grit, and approximately 5 percent with the fine grit at the end.

 Step 5

Step-6 Cut your Under-Frame Wood

Your tabletop will sit on top of a frame to enhance some constancy. Give 2¾ inch gap between table edge and the wood frame, which intended you to end up with two 90½ inch 1 in. x in. strips, and four 36 inch strips. These need to be cut to size earlier than you stain.

 Step 6

Step-7 Stain your Table Top and Frame Wood

This is the most nourishing part. You can see how the wood changes when you add color to it. Use Rust-Oleum Varathane Premium Fast Dry Wood Stains for excellent color clarity. Follow the directions written on your cane, but basically you spread it on using a paint brush. Follow the grain, stay fine and even, and be liberal. After that, let your stain soak without touching it!

Step 7 

Step-8 Create your Frame

Add two pocket screw holes to each of both ends of all four cross section boards, the 36 inch ones. The jig certifies for you to drill both holes without shifting it.

Drill the outside together using those Kreg pocket screws and add the cross boards evenly spaced on the inner of your frame.

Step 8 

Step-9 Attach Your Frame to Your Table Top

This step indeed changes the slab of wood to ultimately look like a table top! Add pocket screw holes all the way around your frame, every 8 inch or so.

Adjust your pocket screw jig! Adjust Kreg jig down twice so it was set to ½inch instead of ¾inch. Better safe than sorry with all that tough work!

step 9 

Step-10 Attach Your Table Legs

This step can be diverse depending on your legs of choice.

Screw that into the frame, not the table top, and after that attach the legs to the 2 in. x 4 in. You should need to pre-drill holes for your screws.

Step 10 

Step-11 Enjoy Your Table

Don’t allow new things hold you back! The only way to learn is to give it a try, that’s the way you do with the pocket screw jig! So, you got this! Be bold, give new things a try, and learn some new skills!

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