How to Turn Old Dresser into Entryway Storage

How to Turn Old Dresser into Entryway Storage

When a dresser has later bitten the dust with the time, you will think that there’s nothing you can do but scrap the whole thing. A dresser has one motive, to hold outfits. So if it can’t carefully do that, what’s the fact, right? Wrong! While the bulk of the dresser might be ready to go to the junkyard, you’re be unable to remember about an essential element to this piece of furniture that might still be in noble shape: the drawers. If your dresser drawers are still in good shape, do not throw them away!

How to Turn Old Dresser into Entryway Storage

Your mudroom can simply become one of the most fashionable and functional rooms in your house. Utilize these DIY mudroom storage and layout ideas to bring life to your entryway and keep your family planned during the morning rush out the door.

Things you’ll need:


  • Drill with a small bit, about 1/16th
  • Sander and sandpaper
  • Paintbrush and a small artist paintbrush
  • Hammer


  • 12 nails (17 gauge 1" wire nails)
  • Rust-Oleum Specialty Chalkboard Spray Paint
  • Blue painter's tape.
  • All-adhesive glue.

Step-1 Prepare the Dresser

Clean the dresser with wood soap. Take out drawers and any hardware. Sand off at least the outer appearance of the piece. This will permit the new paint to stick better. Wipe off sanding residue very well.

step 1

Step-2 Paint the Dresser

When the dresser is totally clean, you need to apply a coat of paint. Let it dry carefully and apply second coat if needed.

Step 2

Step-3 Mark Placement for Frames

Now, you need to remove the glass and mats from the frames. Now place a frame in the center of a drawer and utilize a pencil to trace around the inside of the frame. This can be the template for the chalkboard paint. You need to repeat the procedure for the other drawers just like that.

step 3

Step-4 Tape and Apply Chalkboard Paint

To frame the area for chalkboard paint, you have to place blue painter's tape barely outside of the pencil marks, about 1/2 inch. You need to paint the section with Rust-Oleum Specialty Chalkboard Spray Paint and let it dry for 24 hours. If require, apply a second coat and let it dry at least for a day.

Step 4

Step-5 Pre-Drill the Frames

The next step is that you need to mark the centers of the top and bottom of wooden frames, and you need to drill a small hole in those spots for the nails.

step 5

Step-6 Attach Frames

Remove the painter's tape from around chalkboard paint. Apply a small quantity of glue to back of frames and put in the center of drawer, framing the chalkboard paint. Next thing you need to do is to allow the glue to dry for a few hours. Hammer nails into the holes of the frames for additional stabilization of frame. Utilize a bit of black paint to cover the nail heads. Let dry it dry and place it in your mudroom.

step 6

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