How to Modify a Bike at Home

How to Modify a Bike at Home

Modifying a bike allows an individual to put one’s unique flair and personality into one’s motorcycle. There are various styles and ways of modifying any bike at home. If you enjoy riding bikes or even just collecting them you will definitely enjoy this article of how to modify bike at home, do have a look!!

Give a New Color with Spray Paints: Painting your bike seems to be the most sought after option if you are willing to give a new look to your bike. Painting your bike is not as hard as it seems. All you need is spray paint. You can easily give a new color to rims, engine, exhaust pipe, and other parts by using bike spray paints. It will be easier if you are using spray paint that does not require any additional tools like compressor, paint thinner etc. Using the right application and instruction of how to spray paint an object you can topcoat your bike with a new color.

Spray Paint Your Bikes Motorcycle

Add a Removable Racing Strip: Adding racing stripes is an easy and affordable way of changing the appearance of a bike. So, if you don’t want to spend much time and money for a new paint job, you might want adding removable racing strips to your bike. You can use peel coat spray paints to add a removable strip to your bike. You can use this spray for rims, tank, and other body parts of motorbike. The main advantage of using this spray is you can remove it easily whenever you want. See peel coat video to know its application and its removal.

Peel Coat Removable Racing Strips On Motor Bike

Equip Your Bike with a Windshield: A bike equipped with windshield has several benefits including both safety and riding. One of the biggest benefit of the windshield is that it minimize air turbulence while the bike in motion and make your ride comfortable. Also, it protects you by blocking flying dirt and debris from hitting the rider. So, if you travel long distances in all type of whether you can consider adding windshield to your bike. Well, installing a windshield on your motorcycle is a project that you can do yourself at home. All you need use right tools and follow right instruction.

Equip Your Bike with a Windshield

Install Crash Guard: Crash bars/guards are hoop shaped bars mounted on the frame of a bike that is designed to protect the riders in a certain type of bike accidents. It keep the bike from laying flat on its side on top of the rider’s body. These bars also keep the rider from getting trapped under the bike in a parking lot tip-over and make it a lot easier to pick your bike up in that type of event. Moreover, it minimize damage to the bike in the case of falling in its side, protecting body panels and engine. Well, you can easily install a crash guard to your bike at your home using the right tools and instruction.

Install Crash Guard

Aftermarket Exhaust Kits: Installing an aftermarket high end exhaust system is one of the first things that bike enthusiasts like to do when customizing their bikes. It can dramatically increase the performance of your bike as well as can add a new look to your bike. The process of adding an aftermarket exhaust system is a task that you can do yourself at home. There is a lot more things that you can add to your bike at home including tires, LED side indicators, a phone mount, stickers, sump guard, mudguard lights, etc. However, you should careful while installing the items.

Aftermarket Exhaust Kits

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