How to Make Beautiful Frosted Glass Vase

How to Make Beautiful Frosted Glass Vase

Do you nurture flowers in the spring and summer that you just adore displaying interior? If so, have you believed about the ideal vase for displaying those flora? What about gifting your own homegrown flowers and placing them in a beautiful DIY vase? Here is simple to make DIY vases that will allow you to really display those spring and summer flowers! This is easy to make and may be done in just an hour or less.

How to Make Beautiful Frosted Glass Vase

When you carry in those prized flowers that you have nurtured yourself and develop into attractive blooms, you really require a special vase to show them off. It will make the most wonderful gifts, once you fill them with your own flowers. You will love this DIY vase and it will assist you to exhibit those pretty flowers that you are planning to nurture this year!

Things you’ll need:

  • Plain Glass Vase
  • Automotive Striping Tape
  • Scissors
  • Stickers in Different Shapes (optional)
  • Rust-Oleum Specialty Frosted-Glass Spray Paint

Step-1 Choose a Vase

This venture is a great for providing an old vase a fresh look, but you can also try it on any glass flask. An inexpensive thrift store or flea market find would be a brilliant candidate. Wash and rinse the vase carefully before spray-painting to make sure a fresh, smooth application.

Step-1 Choose a Vase

Step 2- Mark out Your Design

You can utilize quarter-inch automotive tape to mask out a layout. For a living appearance that look like blades of grass, cut the tape into strips of varying lengths (about 1–6 inches long). Press tape strips to the lowest edge of the vase. Assemble them at random heights and unsatisfactory spacing. Feel free to experiment with other layouts as well! You can utilize insect-shape stickers to beautify one of your vases, but you could try other animals, stars, dot stickers, and more.

Mark out Your Design

Step 3- Spray Paint

Spray the vase consistently with frosted-glass paint. You can utilize Rust-Oleum Specialty Frosted Glass Finish Spray Paint for an eventual touch of frosting look. Always work in a well-ventilated area when utilizing spray paint. Wait for the paint to dry completely according to package guidelines, then put off the tape. Now you're left with a clear design in the areas you marked off!

Spray Paint

One More Way to Decorate

  • Cover your bottle with rubber bands, painter’s tape or stickers. Anywhere that is protected on your bottle will stay clear. Spray a mild coat of Glass Frosting spray paint on your bottles. You need to let it dry and repeat with one to two more coats. After the spray frosting has carefully dried, put off the stickers, tape or rubber bands to disclose your design.
  • You can stick washi tape as well to your frosted vases for more variation.
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