How to Make A Paper Mache Pendant Light

How to Make A Paper Mache Pendant Light

Paper mache can be shown into anything, from valuable and beautiful bowls to exclusive lampshades. It's so easy to make masterpieces only with a balloon - all you require is a great paper mache recipe! 

Paper mache makes three-dimensional projects by joining paper with a durable glue and drying it into a strong shell. Paper mache takes the form of whichever mold you’ve utilized to shape it when wet. You can then decorate in any manner you want- even with glitter!

It’s great for little fingers and grown-ups can also create all types of ideal art projects, it will keep you all entertained for ages.

DIY How to Make A Paper Mache Pendant Light

Clamp Light

Aluminium Foil

Masking Tape

Large Play Ball


Sewing Ruler or Other Straight Edge

Large Mixing Bowl

Craft Glue




Rust-Oleum Gold Spray


Ceiling Texture Spray



Step-1- Create the Form

Take out the bell shade from the clamp light. Wrap aluminum foil all over the light bulb housing to make a mold. Fill the mold with a cylinder of strongly wound aluminum foil to make a solid mold for the light bulb housing at the top of the pendant. Place the mold on top of the ball and protect it in place with numerous long strips of masking tape.

Step 1 
Step - 1

Step-2 Prep the Paper Mache

Tear newspaper into strips about 1-1/2" extensive. Utilize a sewing ruler or other direct edge to get reliable strips. Make a 50/50 mixture of glue and water. You can use three cups of each.

Step 2 
Step 2

Step-3 Create the Pendant

Dip the newspaper strips, one by one, into the glue/water mixture. Pass the strips between two fingers to take out the extra mixture. Start the pendant through wrapping the long strips over the top of the pendant wherein the light bulb housing mold is taped in place. The center of the strips ought to line up with the middle of the top of the light bulb housing mold. Add as many strips as required to fully cover the top of the form. Start wrapping strips horizontally around the ball, start at the bottom of the vertical strips positioned to cover the light bulb housing. Overlap the strips barely as you work toward the top of the pendant. It should not be essential to wrap the very top. Tear the strips into smaller pieces as needed to avoid folding. Apply at least 10 layers of paper mache. Allow it to dry fully.

 Step 3

Step 3

Step-4 Paint the Inside

Pop the ball with a piercing object or blade. Remove the ball wisely and lightly pull away any pieces of newspaper which have pulled away from the pendant form. Utilize sandpaper or a sanding block to smooth out the rough edges. Paint the interior of the pendant with Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic Gold Spray Paint. Apply a second coat if required and let it to dry totally before proceeding. Utilize scissors to cut around the bottom of the pendant form in a slight wave for natural appearance.

Step 4 
Step 4

Step-5 Paint the Outside

Cover the interior of the pendant with masking tape and paper or plastic. Make sure that the masking tape has a worthy bond around the edges and follows the wave edge closely. Coat the outdoor of the pendant with ceiling texture spray. Add a second coat if needed. Allow the texture spray to dry fully before continuing.

Step 5 
step 5

Step-6 Assemble

Use an awl to create a hole in the top of the pendant for the electrical cord. Take apart the light bulb housing and remove the wires. Collect the housing and pull the cord from the outside to move the light bulb housing to the top interior of the pendant.

Step 6 
Step 6

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