How to Improve Driving Vision?

How to Improve Driving Vision?

Driving in night is really a difficult and it becomes much more difficult in winters and rains. A research says, traffic in day is many times more than night but the accident rate in night is many times more than day! Here are some tips that will help you to increase driving vision night as well as poor weather conditions like winter and rain.

Clean Headlights

Headlights become fade with time due to oxidation and this decreases the intensity (amount) of light. Driving in night with faded lights is unsafe. Cleaning headlight will not enhance the level safety, it will also make your car good looking. You may use wipe new headlight cleaner if lights are faded. Oxidation will not take place if you do periodically cleaning.

headlight restoration before after image

Headlights must be in a Proper Angle

Consideration of this will keep you safe and other as well! If the headlights of your car or vehicle are not adjusted in a proper angle, it may blind the person for an instance who is coming from front. So you must adjust angle of headlight in a right way. It would best to visit car care store for the same.

Aim Car Headlight

Clean Windshields

Obviously, everyone keeps their windshield clean but in order maintain the driving visibility you must remember the following things:-

During rains and winters:Driving in rains or foggy weather is very problematic but it becomes more problematic and dangerous as well in night. Imagine, you are driving and rain is started, bulk of water is coming on windshield and unfortunately wiper blades are stopped! In winters, if you’ve parked your car for few minutes then you can surely see the deposit of fog on windshield. Although, foggy can be removed via wiper blades but if fog is converted into the thin layer of ice then it would be difficult to remove. You will have to remove that manually. To avoid these situations, you can use neverwet rain repellent. See the video below!

Foggy windshield from inside: Condensation is the reason which makes windshield foggy. During winters, moisture which is present inside of your car becomes condensation when it hits air next to the window. This happens because the temperature of outside is below than inside. Simply just turn on the AC when this happens!

Foggy Inside

Consider Back Windshield:You must take care of back windshield as same as you do for front. See the image below to know importance of this!

Back Windshield

Clean and Adjust Mirrors

Adjust the side mirrors and rear view mirror in a proper angle. Well, there is no any specific angle because it depends on your height, the height of mirror (side) from ground and more. Therefore, just adjust them as per your convenience. The thing which you should remember about side mirrors is object are closer than they appear.

Mirror Adjust

Identify the Right Path

You must do research about the roadways when you are planning long trip. There can be lots of roadways but you need to find which is best from driving as well as safety point view. It would be more grateful for you if you will consider services of road like restaurant, hotels, and hospitals etc. while choosing roadways.

Proper Sleep before Driving

It is found many times in accidental cases that driver didn’t sleep last night and got doze while driving! Don’t play with your and others’ life. Don’t drive if you didn’t take a proper sleep last night!

Don’t Take Tobacco and Alcohol

Say no to tobacco and alcohol while driving. You must not use them to avoid punishment only but also to keep yourself and others safe!

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