Five Reason to Coat Your Garage Floor

Five Reason to Coat Your Garage Floor

A garage is a place where people store the items they are no longer need such as excessive furniture, old clothes, etc. However, the main purpose of making garage is to store and protect some of their most valuable possessions –vehicles.

According to Amy Mickschl, Brand Manager at Rust-Oleum, the garage isn’t what it used to be. “For so many homeowners, the garage has become an extension of their living space. It’s become the workshop, home gym or extra space for family parties. A coated floor goes a long way in transforming the space into a new place to gather.”

So keeping the track on this thought, here we’ve come up with the five reasons of why to coat your garage floor that you must know: 

  • Helps in Keeping Garage and Cars Clean:

Instead of using expensive marble, tile or any other stone, people use concrete to make the garage floor. Concrete that isn’t properly coated or sealed can be a dust factory. And, soon these dust particles starts landing on your vehicles and everything else in the garage.

Hence, coating the floor will stop dust in its tracks.

  • Super-Easy to Clean:

A coated floor is super-easy to keep clean. Even though, concrete seems like a hard surface it’s actually very porous. So when oil or some other fluid drips, it soaks into the surface creating a permanent stain.

Therefore, if the floor is coated, drips and spills wipe right off.

  • Helps in Keeping Your Home Clean:

With a coating on the garage surface, chances are less of dust and dirt on the floor as it super easy to clean. And, a clean garage floor means cleaner floors inside your home.

As the family isn’t dragging in oily residue or fine dust particles.

  • Help in Making the Floor more Attractive:

Coating not only helps in keeping the floor clear but also aids in increasing the look of the floor. A gleaming, glossy, colorful floor will make your garage look bigger and fancier giving your neighbours garage envy.

  • Increase the Value of Your House:

At the time of selling your property, a coated garage floor sends a positive vibe to potential buyers. A clean, shiny and well-upheld garage floor gives the sign the place was maintained well.

There is a range of products available in the market for DIY garage floor to get a professional-like finish and Rust-Oleum RockSolid coating is one of them. It provides a Unique Finish to Your Garage Floors.

According to Mickschl, “This product is simple to use and the kit contains everything you need to complete the project. If you can paint a wall, you can paint a floor.”

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