Easy and Effective Waterproofing Solutions for Common Issues

Easy and Effective Waterproofing Solutions for Common Issues

Everything requires time-to-time maintenance; whether it is home or office, garden or garage, monument or bridge! You can increase the time to look over the things but still you will to maintain them over the certain period of time for long lasting services. For an example: if currently you do maintenance of your home with the gap of 3 years, it could be 4 or 5 or more years when you use quality products but maintenance cannot be skipped. You will have to suffer if you skip. Usually, people become conscious for waterproofing during construction but they ignore the regular care and maintenance which is must. Therefore, they will have to face seepage, efflorescence, moisture, termite etc. like problems. In this post, Truworth is shortlisted waterproofing solutions for common issues. Basically, these are things you need to do to avoid above stated problems.

Cracks on Exterior Walls and Terrace

It is not always that cracks on exterior walls or terrace cause ullage of water. Cracks also erect many other issues such as growth of mildew, plants, termite, peeling of paint and more. Therefore, you must show zero tolerance with exterior cracks. You can take following actions for repairing cracks on exterior walls or terrace:-

  • Leak Seal Spray is the perfect product to fill minor cracks on exterior walls and roofs. You can also check this video to know how it works.
  • Due to cracks, paint on exterior walls started peeling off. Hence, you must plaster the walls and apply waterproofing paint again.
  • If there are deep cracks on terrace or walls, then fill them with Rust-Oleum Watertite Hydraulic Waterproofing Cement.

Seepage or Moisture on Walls Because of Bathroom or Kitchen

Moisture doesn’t wait for rainy season to become visible on walls that are adjacent to bathroom or kitchen. In this condition, damp comes on wall via leaky pipes or tile grout.

How to identify leaky pipes are responsible? Follow the below steps to enucleate leakage in pipes:-

Step 1: Fill water tanks with few amount of water.

Step 2: Mix certain amount of Ujala Neel into the water.

Step 3: Afterwards, leave as it is for 24-48 hours.

Step 4: If there is any damage in pipes, wall will become bluish because of Ujala Neel which means you need to repair leaky pipes.

Filling Grouts: Before moving ahead, let’s understand grouts and how they become amenable for seepage. Basically grout is the gaps between tiles. These gaps are filled with a chemical called grout filler. Over the period of time, grout filler started coming out which cases seepage. So, if the walls of room which is adjacent to kitchen or bathroom, check grouts and repair them if needed.

Dampness Due to Windows

Probabilities of dampness on walls because of windows are very high in torrential rains. So, it is highly recommended to ensure the condition of windows before monsoons. You must make sure following things:-

  • Usually, silicone glue is used to stick glasses on windows. You need to confirm that silicone is in well condition or not. Reply the same if existing is loosen.
  • Replace if glasses are cracked.
  • Here, one of the essential things which you should confirm is the situation of window frame. If framed is made up of wood then inspect the same with eagled-eyes because wood surface get easily cracks easily due to wallop weather. Leak Seal Waterproofing Spray is useful in this case as well.

Protecting Garden Furniture or Fabrics from Rains

The pleasure of hot coffee or tea while sitting in lawn or balcony is really different. The pleasure touches its extremeness when you got a cup of tea or coffee with pakode during monsoon in balcony or lawn. To enjoy the same pleasure, many homeowners keep furniture in lawns or balconies but they have to do in-out several times when rain starts and off. Due to this frequent movement, expensive furniture get damaged. In this particular, you can use NeverWet Fabric Spray to protect outdoor furniture and fabrics from the harm of rain. See below video to know how NeverWet products work.

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