DIY Wreath Mirror Made with Plastic Spoons

DIY Wreath Mirror Made with Plastic Spoons

This is one of the all-time favorite projects that you’ve ever done because it shows a simple fact- Pretty decor doesn't need to be costly. Made this wreath mirror using the cheapest plastic spoons you could find at any local grocery store. Stuck them to inexpensive wreath forms and then painted them with Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Paint. Minimal cost with big impact. Pretty kind of designing!


Get your Goodies:

• Plastic spoons

• Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Paint

• A hot glue gun

• Plenty of glue

• Nails

• Duct tape

• String

• Spray primer

• A mirror

• A cardboard box and sandpaper


Measure Out the Diameter:

Measure out the width using a bit of string, a pen, ruler, and scissors on top of your cardboard. Measure perfect inches in diameter which makes quite a large statement wall piece. This pen-and-string method will help you get a perfect circular wreath shape.

 Measure Out the Diameter

Draw Circles:

Utilizing scissors to keep your string at the center in place, gradually start moving the string in a circular motion, meeting back at the point you started. Repeat this step utilizing a smaller string for the internal circle which will be removed to make the hole in the wreath form.

 Draw Circles

Cut the Wreath in Circle Shape:

Using a Knife, cut the wreath form away from the cardboard following the lines you've created. When you’re set, it should look like this!

 Cut the wreath in circle shape

 Cover the Edges:

To get the cleanest, smoothest look on your wreath, cover the ends with bits of duct tape. This step will ensure the wreath doesn't look like it's made from cardboard. Glue them: After cutting the tips of your spoons off, begin gluing them in an alternating pattern, starting from the outer perimeter. Continue gluing in the alternating pattern as you start to see your wreath take shape.

 Cover the edges

Give it a Perfect Shape:

If you take as much time as is needed with the alternating pattern, your spoons should arrange perfectly and look a little something like this. Once dry, take some time to remove any stray hot glue gun pieces that might mess up your painted design.

 Give it a perfect shape

Paint It:

Starting with a base coat of Painter’s Touch Primer Spray Paint, coat the spoons. Any stray hot glue strand will seem to look like strands of white hairs when coated by the primer. Try to carefully evacuate them before painting your wreath. Taking time to clean things up before the final coat of paint will give your project a polished professional look.

Ensure your spray paint is plastic safe, then give your wreath a few coats. Paint the back of the wreath first with Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Acrylic Spray Paint, making sure you get all of the cardboard and backs of spoons. Let dry, then flip over to finish the front. Fix a Mirror: Once your spray paint is dry, it's an ideal opportunity to add your mirror. On the front of your mirror, add hot glue around the perimeter and place it on the back of the wreath. Make sure you place it evenly over the hole in the center of the cardboard wreath shape.

 Paint it

Hang it:

After letting the mirror dry totally, hang the finished product. Congrats on your finished project. You're done!

Hang it

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