5 Wood Staining Ideas that Add “Wow” Factor to Your Interiors

5 Wood Staining Ideas that Add “Wow” Factor to Your Interiors

Everyone loves having a beautiful house constructed with beautiful marble floor, framed with attractive furniture and decorated with picturesque wall arts. But, without breaking the bank, is it really possible to dream of such house? The answer is, yes!! There is something where you can do something affordably. Wood stained crafts are a great and budget friendly way to embellish your home!! Some of the ideas are mentioned in this blog that can generate a very warm and elegant aspect to your home, take a look!!

Wood Stained Wall Clock:

wood stained wall clock

Nothing can complete better your classy living room than a wood stained wall clock. Besides embellishing the plain empty walls, a contemporary clock also complements the room in accordance with the theme and style and ultimately provide a splendid look to your interior as well. Moreover, the design and concept of a wood stained clock look so simple and versatile that it can match any interior of your house. Depending on your allocated budget, you can buy manually manufactured wood stained walls directly from the store. Or, you can make a hand crafted present for your loved ones using a few woodworking tools and little skill. 

Wood Stained Dining Table:

wood stained dining table

A dining set, comprising of dining table and chairs is the focal point of dining room decor. Not only, a dining table enhances the beauty of your home but also reflects your personality and luxury livings. When guests come to your home, they will surely notice the dining table you have in your home. And, being the homeowner, you would never want it to be mismatched with your decor. Therefore, it is essential to choose a dining table that can match any interior of your home. 

Artwork with Wood Stains

artwork with wood stain

Wood stain artwork is so much fun and quite easy to learn. The cool thing about doing wood stain artwork is that there is very less limitation to what you can do with them. Using this artwork, you can easily draw or transform a picture, drawing or a map template on the top of your wooden piece using wood stains.

Antique Picture Frame:

Antique Wood Stained Picture Frame

Pictures, paintings, and photos add a point of interest to any room or wall space of a home as well as allow us to express our personality and taste. And, antique picture frames are something that adds more characters to these photos and pictures. Well, many people buy these frames directly from the stores and keep their photos and pictures in them. Instead of buying them from stores, one can also make such frame by oneself. Learn how to create picture frame by using wood stain.

Wood Stained Wall:

wood stained walls

Wood is a hardwearing and beautiful material to use as a floor, wall, and cabinets. Besides adding an exotic look, it also brings out a neutrality and warmth to a house that would be hard to bring out using any other material. Also, by staining the wood you can increase the visibility of the wood grain for a more natural finish. See this below mentioned video to learn how to stain wood effectively. 

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