Collection: Oil Finish

Rust-Oleum Oil Finishes for Wood

Wood finishing means, the process to beautify and protect the wooden surface. Natural oils are used for wood finishing from many years. They enhance the natural look and add several years in the life of wooden surface. Since, we are in the surface treatment businesses for many years, we offer quality oil finishes for wood (including interior and exterior surfaces).

Types of Oil Finishes for Wood

  • Interiors: We offer natural and semi-drying Danish Oil which is manufactured to take care of interiors such as furniture. It seals, stains and protect in one easy step. This unique product is available in eye-catching wood stains such as cherry, dark walnut, light walnut, medium walnut, red mahogany, fruitwood and more. This is also available in clear color which is known as “Danish Oil – Natural”.
  • Exteriors: Teak Oil, this product adds many years to the life of exterior wood surface by providing protection from UV and moisture. This is best oil for wood, because it can be used for outdoor and indoor as well.
  • Food Safe Oil Finish: It is must to use food safe oil finishes for kitchen wood furniture, at least to those surfaces that are directly into the contact of food. For an example: kitchen counter top. Therefore, we’ve imported an innovative product, called Watco Butcher Oil, from USA. This product is safe to use for finish wooden butcher blocks, cutting boards, salad bowls and more.

It is not possible to describe all our oil finishes here. Therefore, kindly browse the category to know about all.