These Creative Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint will Blow your Mind

These Creative Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint will Blow your Mind

Don’t you know about chalkboard paint? It is remarkable stuff you can add to a surface of your choice. When it dries, you get a surface that looks simply like an old-fashioned chalkboard. Even better, you can utilize it like one! You can draw on it with chalk and erase anytime you want. Why should teachers have all the fun? Liven up your living quarters with these modern yet simple projects. Look at these simple, fun and inventive chalkboard paint projects!

Cosmetic Display: Clear vanity clutter with this fresh idea for an attractive frame. Make a piece of plywood with magnetic primer before covering with black chalkboard paint and sticking into a wooden picture frame. The result is a helpful center for cosmetics and accessories that is both chalk-friendly and attractive.

cosmetic display

Beautify your Fridge into a Chalkboard: Paint your fridge with chalkboard paint. You can compose and draw specifically on it, it’s a fun for the entire family! This is an extraordinary method to beautify your fridge and share reminders. You can even write on the sides. Furthermore, your magnets will still work on here, so you can even now tack things up the old-fashioned way if you want to.

beautify your fridge into a chalkboard

Add “wallpaper” on your Wall: Adding wallpaper can be a strong responsibility. If you're experiencing difficulty settling on one, have a go at something more temporary. You can make a graphic pattern by using text, pick a favorite passage from a book, print the same quote over and over, or only an utilization a straight-up alphabet. The best news is, if you tire of it, you can simply transform it.

add wallpaper on your board

A Beautiful Menu Display: Up the style factor at your dinner party or wedding table by changing over a vintage platter into a beautiful menu display. Trace the base of your platter onto a thick piece of paper. Cut out the design of the tray and center it over the platter, at that point follow an oval guide for the paint. Utilize a small brush to stroke chalkboard paint inside the edges of the guideline. Roll the center with chalkboard paint utilizing a little smooth-surface foam roller.

a beautiful menu display

Label your Garden with Plants: It's easy to stir up herbs, and it's too late when you put the wrong ones in your recipe and ruin your dinner. Stop yourself from committing those mistakes by labelling your pots. You will never pick the wrong one again. You can utilize these in your garden shed also to enable you keep track of other plants or seeds.

label your garden with plants

Make Use of Inside Cabinet Drawers: Painting the outside of filing cabinets is fun, yet painting the inside of other sorts of cabinets can be fun as well. Take the inside of this medicine cabinet. It'd simply be wasted space if not for the chalkboard. Presently it can be utilized to leave notes and reminders. Extremely helpful! This would also work great inside pantry doors.

Make use of inside cabinet drawers

Label Bottles of Wine: This is such a cunning move, the patch of chalkboard paint is in the shape of a giant wine label. Then the wine lovers mounted the bottles to the left side and labeled them in chalk on the right. Cheers to this tasting room! Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Spray Paint is the best writable-erasable paint that it can be used for decoration purposes and perfect for DIY interior decoration. You may have bought it for just one project, however once you get started you’ll be chasing down more projects to paint.

label bottle of wines

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