Modify Your Car with DIY Copper Fenders Project

Modify Your Car with DIY Copper Fenders Project

It only takes a few well-thought out custom mods, tricks, and techniques to set your hot rod apart from the crowd. Peelable Primer makes it possible to add a fly of color to your car utilizing any Rust-Oleum Spray Paint. Universal Copper was utilized on this Jeep to light up the fenders.

Get Ready: Before you begin, wash your car with cleanser and water, rinse, and afterward let it dry totally. This guarantees that your paint applies equally and removes effectively. Utilizes painter’s tape to cover what you don't prefer to paint. To further ensure surfaces you don’t need painted, drape and tape masking paper in place over the surface.

Paint It: To begin painting, first shake your can of Peelable Primer for one minute after the mixing ball starts rattling. To apply your first coat, hold the can 8-12” far from your surface and spray in a back-and-forth motion, slightly covering each stroke. Apply at least 3 or heavier coats, wait 2-5 minutes between each coat. A coat is defined as covering the whole area once. Peelable Primer will turn out course, but dries smooth. After letting the last coat dry for a few minutes, remove the painter’s tape and covering paper before Peelable Primer has dried to achieve a clean line.

If Peelable Primer has dried for more than 20 minutes between coats, enable it to completely dry, peel off and start once again.

Topcoat: Once the Peelable Primer coating has dried not more than 4 hours, you can top coat with any Rust-Oleum Spray Paint. Start by re-applying painter’s tape to cover off around the door handles and the mirrors. Make sure to slightly cover the Peelable Primer coat to guarantee permanent spray paint doesn’t land on your unique finish. To further secure areas around the mirror and door handles that you don’t need painted, wrap and tape additional masking paper in place.

Follow label directions for applying the Rust-Oleum Universal Copper Spray Paint and refer to each label for appropriate dry times and directions.

Final Touch: Immediately after applying your last coat, carefully remove the painter’s tape and masking paper from the surface. Let your new car design dry for at least 24 hours before taking it out on the road. When it’s dry, your new design will withstand rain, car washes, and regular wear and tear from driving.

Remove: When you’re ready to remove the paint from your fenders, gradually rub an outer edge of the paint until it begins to peel up. When you get the edge started, peel away the paint. For easiest removal, we suggest peeling the paint within six months.

Modified Car After Successful Project
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