How to Make Your Car Ready for Summer?

How to Make Your Car Ready for Summer?

Summer season is finally here and so is the scorching heat, dust storm, restless humidity and much more. To be cool and relaxed, everyone has started cleaning and maintaining their coolers, ACs, etc. But, you can’t keep yourself locked at home every time, you will need to go out for your office, or for some other urgent work. And for that, you will need to use your vehicle which probably doesn’t get any detail service for equipment like Air Conditioning system, Coolant, and many others for a while. Well, who can blame you for this since you didn’t feel the need of those much in the winter? But, now as the summer approaches, you can’t afford to ignore these things as they will help you in roaming around the city in the middle of hot days. So, inspect your car completely and fix or replace the damaged item with new one straightway.

To make your car ready for summer, take the followings into account carefully.

1.Check Tyre Pressure


Check Tires Pressure

Sounds simple!! Yet most of the people tend to treat them casually. Remember, overlooking this factor might cost you both money and life. Regardless of the season, tires must be examined regularly as they have an enormous impact on both safety and performance. 

During summers, regular examination of tires becomes essential, as the air and pressure inside the tires tend to expand due to a constant increase in temperature, hence there are high chances of ‘bursting-out’ of tires. Also, if the tires of your car are old and tired, replace them right away with new ones. 

Note:  Always monitor the pressure when tires are cold or haven’t been driven for several hours. Also, keep this factor in mind while reducing the pressure of tires.   

2.Check Under the Hood


Check Under the Hood

Often individuals are keen towards protecting their car from outside, but when it comes to maintaining the elements under the hood such as a battery, air filter, engine oil, hose and belts etc., they leave it for mechanics. But as the summer season has arrived, avoiding any of these factors might force you to leave in a very sunny afternoon outside. So, if you are one of those who hasn't tuned up these for a while, do it immediately. Before doing anything, make sure the engine is cold or haven’t been used for several hours. 

Here are the items that you will need to check for making your car ready for summer.  

Coolant: -

Coolant keeps your car’s engine cool by maintaining its temperature at the right level. As the summer is a prime time for a vehicle to overheat, the coolant has to work extra hard and hence it becomes essential to examine or maintain the coolant periodically. 

Note: - For maximum performance, change the coolant of your car at least once a year.   

Battery: -

When you turn the key, it is the Battery which allows your car’s engine to start. Over the time and use, corrosion might get accumulated on the terminal and around the cable of your car’s battery. In that case, you may have trouble starting your car. So, check your car’s battery periodically to ensure that battery is in proper condition. 

Note: Wear eye protection and gloves while removing corrosion from the battery terminal.   

Oil: -

If you don’t want to spend your day in the middle of a sunny afternoon, make sure your car’s engine oil is available in the right quantity and in proper condition. Checking the engine oil level and its condition is very simple. All you need to do is just pull out the car’s dipstick and inspect the level and color of the oil. If it meets to the fill mark and has a pleasant shade of amber then it is fine and if not, it’s the time to change your car’s engine oil. 

Note: Make sure the oil tank is completely cleaned before refilling it with new engine oil. 

Belts and Hoses: -

High temperature is tough on hoses and belts and hence there are chances that they might get damaged to a considerable extent. Both these are critical parts under the hood of your car that ultimately help in cooling your vehicle’s system by regulating the essential fluid like engine oil and coolant as well as by rotating the fan. So, check the hoses and belts beneath the bonnet of your vehicle and replace them with a new one, if necessary. To resolve such a problem, you will need a mechanic as these are not possible to be detected externally. 

Note: Only do this, when the hoses and belts are cold enough to touch. 

Air Filter: -

The role of Air Filter in the car is to prevent dirt and other small particles from entering the fuel system of the engine. So, it will be better to keep the air filter clean for the proper functioning of the engine. 

Note: Get help from the mechanic to change the air filter. 

3.Check Air Conditioning System 


Check  Air Conditioning System

Proper tuned up the engine, tires, battery, brakes, etc. are not enough to deal with these hot sunny days out there. Proper air conditioning system is also very necessary during the summers for roaming around the city. In winters, undoubtedly, you didn’t use air conditioning system much and chances are it may lose its effectiveness. Since the summer is now here, run the A/C for a bit and ensure that cold air is still present in the modes and at the vents. If the system is not maintaining the required temperature or cold air does not blow at the selected vents, it is time for some repairing. Such issues are quite difficult to detect at home thereby you will have to get it checked at a mechanic shop.   

Note: During summers, you should check your car’s fan belts, cabin air filter and coolant more frequently, as they impact on air conditioning system. 

4.Check Windscreen Wiper 


Check Windscreen Wiper

Windscreen wipers are usually made of natural rubber or synthetic compounds and like most rubber products they are also fabricated to work best in a specific temperature range. During summers, when the temperature often exceeds to level high, chances are they might get hardened and cracked. Check the windscreen wipers and if they seem damaged, replace them immediately with a new one. Replacing them doesn't cost much, but if you don’t do so, worn wipers will ultimately harm your windscreen in the form of nasty scratches and blemishes. In that case, you will need to change the windscreen and this will cost you for much. 

Note: To keep your windscreen wiper in good condition, make sure you are not parking your car under the sun. 

Additional Tips: 

1) Avoid parking your car under the direct sunlight, but it is not easy to find a shaded area, as all are doing so. In that case, you get to park your car under the direct sun. Do one thing, keep the windows of your car slightly open, it will aid in cross-ventilation and ultimately help in extracting heated air from the cabin.

2) Soon after stepping inside the cabin in summer, first and foremost, open all the windows of your car and switch on the air conditioner so that hot air will fly away outside the car as well as you will no longer feel suffocated.   

3) Never leave kids, pets or vulnerable person (who are not capable of taking care of themselves) alone inside a vehicle because, on a hot day, the car acts like a greenhouse so the temperature inside of the car is much higher as compared to the heat outside. It might leave them in a big trouble. 

4) Leaving your car under the summer sun can take away the shine of your car. So wash your car regularly and also use wax periodically. It will help you in keeping your car’s glossy finish unaffected in summers. Also, make sure your car surface is not hot while washing as the shampoo residue and rinse water dry quickly onto such surfaces and may leave spot behind. So, try to wash your car in morning.   

5) Use dash cover and seat upholsteries for keeping your car’s interior comfortable.

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