How to Keep Your Car New Always?

How to Keep Your Car New Always?

p style="text-align: justify;">Who doesn’t want to keep the car new or in an excellent condition? A nice, shiny, glossy car is always attractive, whenever it passes by, it’s sure to turn heads. But, at this age when roads are full of traffic and pollution, it doesn’t take much time for a new car to turn into an old one. Here are some secret tips that will keep your car new, not only look wise but performance wise as well.


A) Organized Interior Cleaning

Interior Car Cleaning


Why start from the interior?

It is always recommended to clean the cabin of the vehicle prior to the exterior as it helps in getting rid of dust and dirt spots. You can also take into account the followings.

Step #1 - Empty your car: Get all the stuff such as bottles, papers, documents etc. out from the cabin. Removable upholsteries such as floor mats, seat covers etc. should be removed to make the task of cleaning easier.

Step #2 - Vacuum Cleaning: It is an effective and fastest way to remove the dust, especially from fabrics.

Step #3 – Remove Stains: If you find any tough stains on the seats or on the other surface of the cabin, remove it gently by using water or stain remover. If the fabrics of your car have become faded, then you may use fabric and vinyl paint in order to renew their look.

Step #4 - Clean and polish the dashboard: To clean the dashboard effectively, first add mild soap into a bowl filled with water. Then moisten a rag with this water and run the cloth across the dashboard and centre console. Wipe New Trim Restorer is best to renew and restore the dash.

Step #5 - Use Paint Brush for approaching hard-to-reach areas: The “Cheap form Brush” like a paint brush and tooth brush is great for accessing a deep location. Use brush and vacuum together to clean up tricky spots quickly.

Step #6 - Clean the windows: Use simple water or right automotive cleaner instead of ammonia based windows cleaner since they are harmful to the surfaces such as rubber, leather, and vinyl. Also, use a rag to wipe down all the interior windows including windshield, side windows, sunroof, and rear windows.

Step #7 - Put everything back in the right place: - Put everything back in an orderly manner. Also, place a nice air fresher that will keep your car’s cabin fresh by eliminating offensive odors.


B) Exterior cleaning

Car Washing


The necessity of cleaning the exterior:

Cleaning and washing the exterior of your car is probably the most painstaking but satisfying feeling as you see a beautiful, shiny and glossy car at the end of your hard work. Use the following steps to clean the exterior thoroughly.

Step #1 - Park the car out of direct sunlight: Do not wash your car in direct sunlight area as it prevents premature drying which can leave water spots on the paint.

Step #2 - Clean the wheel first: Since the wheels are in constant contact with the road they carry heavy dust and dirt. So, it is recommended to wash them first.

Step #3 - Wash and rinse the exterior: Avoid the pressure washed for the exterior because this can rub grit over the paint and can cause a scratch.

Step #4 - Use chamois to dry the car: Once finished washing it, don’t walk away and leave your car to dry by itself. Rather, use a clean towel to dry the surface.

Step #5 - Make sure there is no grime and spot on the paint: Wash and rinse is not enough to remove all the spots and grimes from the surface. You will need some special treatments like polish and was to wipe out them.

Polish: - Polishing is used to remove impurities like dirt, grease, swirls, scrapes and scratches.

Wax: Waxing is employed to protect the paint and enhances the shine of the paint.

Step #6 - Use proper mirror or window cleaning products: Do not clean your car’s windows prior washing it completely. Use glasses cleaning products that do not contain ammonia. Since ammonia is harmful to the car surfaces, the car owner must avoid such products, particularly while cleaning the windows of the vehicle from inside.

Step #7 - Park the car in a proper area: If you do not want to repeat this whole process again, use the proper area for parking your car.


C) Performance-wise

Performance Wise Car Caring


Why Mechanical Parts of the car are needed to be maintained and cleaned:

Cleaning a vehicle from inside-out is not enough to keep it new always, regular examination of the mechanical stuff affixed under the hood is also important. The habit of keeping the mechanical parts in acceptable working conditions can keep you away from stress and expenses that you might get from unexpected car trouble or worse, an accident. So, do regular check the mechanical stuff such as a battery, brakes, belts, engine oil, etc.

Step #1 - Check the battery connection: Corrosion may lose the battery connections, clean it by using water or other suitable removers, if needed.

Step #2 - Engine Oil: Oil is essential for your car. By checking the engine oil regularly, you can save the engine for last.

Step #3 - Ensure brakes work properly: Brakes are needed to be examined regularly as they are subjected to life. In the case of failure of brakes, you might encounter any serious crash. So, you must check the brakes regularly.

Step #4 - Make Sure belts remain tight: Ensure belts remains tight because loose belts often make a squealing sound.

Step #5 - Coolant: Flush the cooling system and change coolant once in a year.

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