7 Easy Steps to Paint Plastic Chairs

7 Easy Steps to Paint Plastic Chairs

White plastic chairs are a backyard staple, as they’re budget-friendly and stackable. Weather and sun can blur your plastic patio chairs’ appearance over time, however that doesn’t mean you have to throw them out and replace them. This is a simple weekend project for anyone with any level of DIY experience. To change plain chairs into party-ready seating, all you need is a couple of cans of spray paint. Follow these easy steps to paint plastic chairs to get the job done right:

Step-1 Clean Them: Simply clean the chairs utilizing a fancy nozzle to get the water to turn out with some pressure.

Step-2 Dry Them: Allowed them to dry completely in the sun.

Step-3 Prep your Space: If you don’t care for the cleanup part of any project and endeavor to avoid it as much as possible so you can spray it right on the lawn. It made a few marks, but they were gone after the lawn was mowed. If this isn’t an option for you, use a drop cloth or old sheet.

Step-4 Paint Them: Spray each chair with a thin coat of Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Acrylic Spray Paint for better result. Hold the can about 10 inches from the surface of the plastic chair and keep the can moving while you spray.

Tip: It may be good to start with the bottom side of the chair to get your rhythm down.)

Step-5 Second Coat: Let the first coat dry for around 30 minutes before spraying second coat.

Step-6 Final Inspection: You may have a few spots here and there to touch up. Get down and crawl around your chair and take a gander at it from all angles to ensure all visible parts are painted.

Step-7 Let Them Dry Completely: The only thing worse than the original white stuff getting on your back side would be spray paint. So let them dry for the rest of a warm afternoon and then waited a few days before anyone sat on them to be safe.

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