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NeverWet Superhydrophobic Coatings – It Does Exactly What Its Name Implies

Here at MROkart (Rust-Oleum’s Indian partner), we’ve come up with an exclusive liquid-repelling treatments that can be applied to nearly all surfaces. Never-Wet does exactly what its name implies. These product are silicone-based, multi-surface liquid repelling coating that is created with breakthrough technology. Also, it has hefty superhydrophobic coating which helps in repelling water by creating a water contact angle of more than 150-degree. And thus, when liquid or a liquid based substance comes into contact with the coated surface, the liquid immediately gets slide away from the surface because of the hydrophobic characteristics. Moreover, the method of applying these nano coatings is so simple that any person can apply NeverWet waterproofing coatings effectively. Our products are available in DIY sprays that are convenient for small applications! You can also buy these products in gallon packing (3.78 liters) for industrial applications.

Amazing Features/Benefits of NeverWet Superhydrophobic Coatings


Moisture problems are so common in buildings, woods, motors, switches, cardboard, etc. and once came in the contact with water they can lead to the serious damages. For example

  1. 1. Metal surface may corrodes and wood may degrades.
  2. 2. Electrical equipment in the motors and switches may arc and fail
  3. 3. Clothing and other surfaces may fail to insulate against weather.
  4. 4. Cardboard packaging may wit and fail to protect its content.

NeverWet Nano Coatings doesn’t allow water droplets to touch the surface. As soon as the water falls on the treated surface, it flushes away along with other contaminants like dirt and dust left on the surface.


Apart from the obvious waterproofing applications, these hydrophobic coatings are also good for protecting virtually any surface from corrosion and wear. It is 4 to 6 times better than the coatings that contains sacrificial elements such as Zinc. Our products have potential to increase economic spending, decrease pollutants and bacterial growth, as well as to increase longevity and durability of machines that are susceptible to corrosion and water damage.


These hydrophobic based waterproofing products are designed with nanotechnology that cleans dust and dust automatically while repelling liquids. When dust, dirt or other molecules accumulate on the treated surfaces, all it takes a simple spray of water to clean the dust.

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