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Protective Clear Polyurethane Finish for Interior and Exterior Wood

Polyurethane is a coating which is being used keep the beauty of woods for long. Add the life of several years to your wooden projects with Rust-Oleum PU finishes that are available herein oil and water base. MROkart also offers them in aerosol spray cane as well, which much more convenient to use for DIY woodworkers. Here, you can find the complete collection of polyurethanes.

Varathane Spar Urethane (Polyurethane Finish for Exteriors)

There is necessity of durable product for the protection of exterior wooden surface because in the case of exterior; surface has to face harmful UV Rays and different weather conditions. Damages will take place soon if the quality of the spar urethane is not considered. Therefore, MROkart provides Varathane oil-based and water-based spar urethanes that are made to provide utmost protection to all exterior wooden projects such as fences, house trim, boats, windows and more. These are helpful when it comes to apply wood stain on exteriors.

Varathane Polyurethane Finish for Interiors

Varathane interior poly urethanes stop or reduce the damages that occur due to scraping and scratches on interior wood. We offer interior PU finish that can be used for furniture, statues, doors, cabinets, trim and more. These are available in gloss, semi-gloss, stain and matte finishes. The difference between ours and others PU is ours doesn’t become yellow with time. Simple PU coating doesn’t works when it comes to protect wooden floors, therefore, we also offers polyurethane for floors.

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