Steps To Renew Metal Desk Lamp Creatively

Steps To Renew Metal Desk Lamp Creatively

Being creative you love the most that initiates from taking exciting pieces and when you make something unexpected, beautiful and functional. However, sometimes you stumble on a vintage lamp that basically needs a touch of loving care and renewal, some updated wiring, and a pretty shade.

Unique Idea To Renew Metal Desk Lamp Creatively

If an old metal desk lamp in your home requires updating or you've picked up a used one that has a touch of wear and tear, renew your lamp with a new coat of paint. You should choose a bright and vibrant color to make your lamp an accent piece to a room or choose a neutral color to mix in with any existing decor.

For this you will need:-

Preparing the Old Metal Desk Lamp

Just before you going to paint the lamp, first you need to wipe off the surface completely with a rag to get rid of any kind of dust. Just try not to use a dusting polish or oil since they can be the reason of the not to stick paint appropriately.

If you find there any kind of sticky residue or a heavy coat of dust on the lamp's surface, dampen the rag with a delicate cleanser and water and wipe the area until it becomes clean properly. Re-wipe it with a dry rag or paper towel to remove the cleanser and water which remained on the top of it. After that, ensure the lamp is totally dry before continuing with the renewing procedure.

When you finish the process of cleaning the lamp, tape off any sections you would prefer not to be painted. This ought to include the electrical outlet and any other electrical components, for example, the light socket or switch.

You need to utilize newspaper to cover bigger areas and utilize painter's tape to tape down the newspaper.

Paint the Lamp

You need to take your lamp outside or to another well-ventilated area because of cleaning purpose, for example, a patio or garage with the garage door open. Set down newspaper or a drop cloth to defend any flooring or different surfaces.

Place the lamp in an upright position and start applying the primer/paint spray. Apply the Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Acrylic Spray Paint in thin, light coats. This will not take too much time, but it will give you a smoother finish and prevent the paint from running or bubbling.

Let the paint totally dry & this process of drying can take overnight or longer. For best results, deliberately bring the lamp indoors or in an area protected from the outside elements. If the paint is as yet gluey or tacky the next day, let the lamp dry for one more day.

Tip: Wait at least 15-30 minutes between every coat to speed up the overall drying process and to support further prevent the paint from running or bubbling.


This exclusive Idea to renew lamp & light up your home innovatively that are all unbeatable in both beauty and creativeness and would make a great statement light piece for every interior! This lamp idea is only for those persons who adore to think creatively when various objects lying around begging for recycling! You certainly find this light lamp idea wonderful as there are several different hacks included that help to make beautiful light systems without getting expensive!

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