Step-by-Step DIY Tutorial of Bathroom Vanity Made From a Desk

Step-by-Step DIY Tutorial of Bathroom Vanity Made From a Desk

DIY bathroom vanity plans and take control of your bathroom that needs updating and better functionality. This DIY bathroom vanity has an exciting twist, it's made from a repurposed desk. It's surprisingly simple to make the transformation, as well. Spruce up the desk with new layer of paint, cut a hole for the sink, and you pretty have your bathroom vanity prepared to install. We utilized another desk with a cool mission-style look, however you could simply change over an old desk from a thrift store to make a vanity in whatever style suites your décor.

DIY bathroom vanity step-by-step building instructions so you can make your own unique bathroom vanity, as well as tips and tricks to help you get your project done quickly, on a budget and where the finished vanity looks great-


Locate a healthy ventilated place of your home. To secure surrounding things and flooring, spread the drop cloth in the area you will work in.

step 1


Place the desk on top of the drop fabric and start to expel all existing hardware from the desk. It will be easier to evacuate hardware if you expel the drawers first.

step 2



Before we start painting, we are going cut the desktop to allow for the sink to be placed. The main thing you should do is measure the width and length of the work area to find the work area focus. Casually follow the lines from the measuring tape with the pencil. Where the two lines meet, this is your center. Stamp the center utilizing the pencil.

step 3


Sink accompanied a template for estimating purposes. Most sinks will have this format in the box. Place the template onto the highest point of the desk, setting the center of the template onto the center you found. Follow the template, per the template directions.

step 4


Take the drill and make a pilot hole anywhere along the followed outline for the sink. This pilot hole will make it easier to embed and utilize the jigsaw device in upcoming stage.

Step 5


Since you have your pilot hole drilled, it's time to remove the hole for the sink to go into. Embed the jigsaw tool into the pilot hole and gradually take after the followed outline of the sink.

step 6


Softly sand the lower bits of the desk, there's no need to sand the top, as it won't be painted. To appropriately sand, dependably sand toward the wood grain. Wipe the work area clean with tack cloth, removing all dust.

step 7


Preparing is a significant step with any paint project, particularly raw wood. Applying a primer will advance best coat bond. First, shake the Painter's Touch Ultra Cover 2x Primer for around one minute after the ball starts to rattle. At that point apply the primer onto the whole surface in a steady forward and backward pattern. Hold the can around 10-16 inches from the surface to keep away from drips and runs. Flip the desk over so the best can protected from any overspray. You can also tape off the top of the desk with painter's tape.

Step 8


Once the primer has dried, you are prepared to apply your base coat color. Apply Painter's Touch Ultra Cover 2x Gloss Ocean Mist onto the lower part of the work area. Again, shake the can around one minute after the ball starts to rattle. At that point hold the can 10-16 inches from the surface and spray in a steady forward and backward motion. The base coat color should completely cure before you move onto our next step. Enable the best coat to completely dry for at least 24 hours.

Step 9


Place the vanity in place install the tap, and interface the pipes. Presently enjoy your unique DIY washroom vanity.

step 10

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