Solutions for Fixing a Wet Basement

Solutions for Fixing a Wet Basement

A basement includes an extra level of living and storage space to your home. However, it can also come with an expanded risk of attracting excess moisture and becoming damp. If left untreated, this can become a much more difficult issue. Getting water out of your basement and fixing the basic issues are two of the most important things you can do to secure the value of your home and health of your family. Keeping basement moisture under control is significant for several reasons. It is good to examine your house from time to time for preventable sources of excess moisture.

Understanding the Problem

To correct basement moisture issues, it is necessary to understand where the water is coming from. There are just three sources of moisture:

  • Liquid water from rain or ground-water.
  • Interior moisture sources, for example, humidifiers, unvented clothes dryers, bathrooms, and cooking, as well as the moisture in concrete after construction.
  • Exterior humid air that enters the basement and condenses on cooler surfaces.

How to keep Basement to a Minimum

Here are strategies to keep water out of your basement-

Add Gutter ExtensionsIf downspouts are dumping water less than 5 feet away from your house, you can guide water farther out by including plastic or metal gutter extensions.

Buy a Good DehumidifierIf you distinguish high moisture levels in the basement, purchase a high quality dehumidifier. This appliance is quite powerful at keeping humidity levels under check.

Insulate Spills and Leaks ImmediatelyIf there are any leaks in the basement, take care of them instantly. Wipe the water from the area and dry it thoroughly. Utilize of a dehumidifier and heater to accelerate the drying procedure.

Waterproof the WallsInstalling an interior drainage system gets the water out however it doesn’t waterproof the walls. For that, you will require an exterior system: a French drain to relieve hydrostatic pressure and exterior waterproofing to secure the foundation.

Vent Appliances that Produce MoistureClothes dryers and stoves deliver plenty of moisture by making steam. If it’s not vented, steam has nowhere to go but onto your walls and ceiling. Open the windows to blow the hot, damp air out of the basement.

Use an Exhaust FanAir out stale, humid air and permit the intake of fresh air with the use of an exhaust fan. Try to open doors and windows to the basement regularly.

Install a Drainage System: The best permanent fix for chronic basement leaks is to install drainage tubing below the basement floor that’s connected to a sump basket and pump. You can install a system by yourself, but breaking out the concrete floor, burying the tubing, and patching the floor is a lot of backbreaking work. 

Persistent MoistureWhat if you have inspected all of the above possibilities and still have moisture?  If you are experiencing persistent moisture that is not diminished by following the above steps, you may need to have your basement evaluated by a basement waterproofing contractor.  Truworth Homes is India’s leading Home Improvement Solution provider specialising in surface improvement and maintenance products. We are a market leader in India’s Waterproofing Solution Providing and Maintenance Company. Feel free to contact us!

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