Innovative Door Decoration to Personalize your Home Interior

Innovative Door Decoration to Personalize your Home Interior

Your door is the gateway to your home, a space that welcomes all who enter. What's more, thusly, it gives an energizing chance to you to help define your visitors' first impression of your home. Creating innovative door decoration is an exciting DIY project that add identity to beautify your door decoration.

So what can you do to give your door a homey touch? Try adding some of these awesome accents or features to give it the personality which needs to establish an impression:


Modern Touch with Chalkboard Paint:

Get your hands dirty and paint the doors! You can even use stencils if you’re super crafty and great with paint to create some designs. If you’re in a neutral room try an incredible color out on just the door. If you’re in a bold room, make it even bolder with a self-painted closet door. Chalkboard paint is great the kiddos rooms too. Have fun writing to-do lists, notes to friends and so on. The possibilities are endless with Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Spray Paint.

modern touch with chalkboard paint


Add Stylish Door Knocker:

A traditional element that is all class, door knockers are no longer only accessible in traditional styles. Like doorbell buttons, door knockers arrive in a huge range of designs including modern, traditional and rustic looks, but the real fun comes with those that are unusually themed. From pineapples and lobsters to dogs and foxes, these entertaining accessories put a statement front and center where it can’t be missed.

add stylish door knocker


Keep it Glow in the Dark:

You've probably observed or played with glow in the dark toys before. From balls to stickers and stars, glow in the dark toys can change any dark room into a magical world of adventure! New upgrades in unique consumer paints have opened up an extensive range of opportunities for door decoration and home customization. Nightglow paint works best on things that are white. By including a white primer you prepare the surface properly, you could use Rust-Oleum Night Glow Radium Paint to these DIY crafts.

keep it glow in the dark


Beautiful Welcoming Wreaths:

Of course, no guide to door decorations would be complete without specifying the most prominent door décor of all- wreaths. These welcoming and warming accents are a fantastic way to bring a seasonal look to your home. You can adorn your entrance with warm colors for fall, some pine for a bit of Christmas cheer, or a floral element for spring or summer! No matter what occasion or season you want to celebrate, there is an extensive range of door wreaths to that can help you (and your home) get into the spirit of things.

beautiful welcoming wreaths


Concrete Door Stopper or Decorative Initials:

Make yourself these initial blocks from concrete and cardboard molds to create a statement in your office or home. You would definitely remember any business with this much inventiveness. You’ll never lose your door stopper again with a beautiful statement piece. It’s light enough to move around, but heavy enough to stay put. Plus you get to figure out to make your own mold, which will definitely be a valuable skill to have in your pocket. Rust-Oleum American Accents Textured Stone Spray Paint is perfect to add the decorative touch to it.

concrete door stopper


An Eye-Catching Door Mat:

A doormat is another great way to add some identity to your stoop. You can create a formal vibe with a traditional doormat or bring a fun touch with bright colors or novelty designs. Obviously doormats are used as well, so they are always a helpful addition to help keep dirt, mud, and water out of the house. 

eye catching door mat

These ideas have helped you and think beyond the wreath and have your creative juices flowing!

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