How to Use Aerosol Spray Paints?

These days, aerosol spray paints are becoming more and more popular because they are easy to use. There is no need of paint rush, roller, paint thinner, and tray etc. These are ready-to-use, just spray and its done! These are being used for automotive, interior household decorations, rust prevention and other countless job. If you are also going to use them for next time, here are some tips to achieve best results.

1st - Surface Preparation

Make your surface suitable for painting. Remove all the dirt from the surface. If surface is glossy then you must prepare the surface by sanding. This will promote paint adhesion.


2nd - Cover the Surrounding Areas

Just cover the surroundings to protect spray mist.


3rd - Painting Conditions

Use aerosol spray paint outdoors or in in the areas where ventilation is proper. Avoid spray in windy and dusty conditions.

4th - Application

Before you start, shake aerosol can for a minute. Shake while spraying. Keep the can at the same distance from surface during spray. It is recommended to apply numerous light coats rather than a single heavy coat. Don’t use near flame

5th - Clean

When finished spraying, wipe off tip before storing. Clean up wet paint from spray nozzle with mineral spirit. Cleaning is must to avoid jam in spray nozzle when you will use next time. If spray can is empty then properly discard container.

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