How to Update & Upgrade with Spray Paints

How to Update & Upgrade with Spray Paints

Ahaan….. Spray paint! It’s a creative DIYer’s best companion. Spray paint is such a useful way to visually upgrade pretty much everything in sight. These days it comes in various colours and types, from traditional to mirror effect to metallic to chalk board & the list continues goes on and on. So use your favourite color to
make a little magic in your home with one of these brilliant spray paint makeovers!

How to Update & Upgrade with Spray Paints

You’ll never look at anything the similar again after you see all of the ways that spray paint can give your stuff a whole new life! Have a look:

Old Brass Candlestick

Easy? Low-cost? Anybody can do it? Check. Plus if you’re planning to do a little regular decorating then this will come in handy for wide range of occasions (Halloween, Thanksgiving, fall in general). A cheerful and modern color would complement the traditional shape for a perfect and current result in five minutes flat. Spray paint old brass candlestick with Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Acrylic Spray Paint and finished up with a nice new accessory in a fun and blissful color. You can join it by some candle friends.

Old Brass Candle Stick

Windows Privacy Panes

Window frosting is a reasonable way to enhance the privacy of any room. Rust-Oleum Specialty Frosted Glass Spray Paint  includes a semi-transparent coating for decoration or privacy. You can apply it to glass or mirrors. Makes the look of uniquely etched glass when applied with stencils to make it appear to be unique. You can layer splotches of color more than one another to give your window the look of art glass. Frost window or glass door for a luxury look and more protection.

Window Privacy Panes

Glam with Mirror Effect

When your task vision crystallized in your mind then something peaceful, coastal, and beachy thing happened. To neutralize your no-glass-recycling concern. You can dug out a vintage milk bottle carrier from your stack. It is ideal for your idea. Next, you can set about changing some clear soda bottles in chilling cool colors. You can try Rust-Oleum Specialty Mirror Effect Spray Paint on the perfectly clear/colorless bottles. Go & get a few empty bottles out of the recycling bin so you can give them a speedy makeover with this spray paint.

Glam with Mirror Effect

Golden Pinecones

Of all the style, pinecones are wonderful. You will love that each is exclusively designed and has an almost ‘architectural’ quality. You will also love to utilize spray paint to match the bright decor palette in your space. Of all the decor materials, you will love that every pinecone comes in uniquely shape design and has an almost ‘architectural’ quality.  You will also love to paint with Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic Spray Paint to match the cheerful decor palette in your space. Natural look of the pinecones makes visual interest in your home.

Other Things to Upgrade & Update:

  • Don't spend money on new equipment for your door at this time. Rethink your current knobs, locks, and hinges and utilize metal spray paint for a swift update that is friendly on your wallet and your time.
  • To cover the harm of scratched outdoor scone, use Rust-Oleum Hammered finish in Verde Green, which gives the presence of hand-hammered metal with a verdigris patina.
  • DIY your own curtain bars by spray-painting with silver color or with any specialty paint & electrical conduit from the hardware store.
  • It required a dose of authenticity to cheap looking plastic urn, so you can coat it with American Accents Stone Spray in Pebble, a textured finish that looks and feels like the genuine thing. 
  • Your fridge just got stylish with gold spray-painted magnetic alphabet letters with gold spray paint.
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