How To Paint A Garage Door

How To Paint A Garage Door

Your garage door doesn’t simply safeguard your cars and other belongings from the elements, it’s also an important part of your home’s exterior. That’s why, just like the rest of your house, it’s essential to keep your garage door touched up. Renewing your garage door’s paint job couldn’t be simple- you need to do is just line off the area you want to paint, choose a color and roll on a smooth, even finish. A new coat of paint will protect in opposition to inclement weather conditions and give an eye-catching focal point to make your home more gorgeous for years to come.

How To Paint A Garage Door

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Sponge
  • Warm soapy water
  • Drop cloths
  • Ladder
  • Primer
  • Spray Paint.

Step-1 Cleaning the Door

The garage door requires to be completely clean before you start preparing to paint. In order to provide an admirable surface for the primer, the door will need to be free of dirt and dust or else it will interfere with adhesion. Remove any loose debris with the firm-bristled brush, and utilize the warm soapy water to clean the door and scrub off any loose parts that chip far from the surface. Rinse the door with a hose and blot it dry with a smooth towel earlier to painting. Never apply fresh paint to a wet surface.

 Cleaning the Door

Step-2 Preparing the Door

Climate conditions can have a great effect on the quality of exterior paint, particularly when it’s clean. Try to schedule your project for a stretch that’s not too warm, cold or humid. Be particularly cautious of weather conditions, as extra moisture can simply undo all of your hard work. The next couple of days after you paint need to also be clear in order to give new paint a chance to set properly. Weekends are a perfect time for painting a garage door, as you’ll have more time on your hands and won’t need to come and go as frequently.

Preparing the Door

Step-3 Lay Down A Protective Drop Cloth

Before you start painting, ensure the area beneath the garage door is protected on both sides. A drop cloth or plastic tarp will help avoid stains from soaked or splashing paint. It will also be suitable for catching dirt and different debris that’s loosened from the door. If you don’t have a drop cloth or tarp, an old blanket or a few sheets of overlapping newspaper will also do the trick.

Lay Down A Protective Drop Cloth 

Step-4 Apply A Primer

The primer will both give a flat base for the paint and make for superior durability, allowing it to preserve better through the years. You’ll only need to apply one thin coat of primer. Make sure the primer is dry to the touch before you try to paint over it. Those who are planning on touching up their garage doors in the same color can dispense with a separate coat of primer. It may be useful, however, to buy a paint that includes a built-in primer to make sure the color comes out the way it’s supposed to.

 Apply A Primer

Step-5 Paint it Carefully

Start by painting the hard to reach recessed portions of the panels with a handheld brush. The slight width and manual control offered by the brush will allow you to penetrate deeper into crevices and molded depressions. Work slowly and wisely, painting each of the inner panels separately. Just apply with spray paint for easy utilize. You need to look over the door to make sure you haven’t missed any thin or bare spots. Spray paint ensures a reliable finish, and won’t leave behind any visible strokes or seams. Depending on the color and general circumstance of your garage door, you may need to apply multiple coats to achieve a solid finish.

Paint it Carefully 

Tips to Remember

No matter how worthy a job you do, your garage door will certainly need a new coat of paint. When you consider it’s time, repeat the procedure to restore the door’s coloration and shine. Maintaining a defending layer of paint is key to outspreading the lifespan of your home’s garage door. Repainting your garage door ought to become a part of the routine maintenance and renovation of your home.

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