How to Make Car Interior Look New

How to Make Car Interior Look New

The interior of a car can get dirty quickly not just from the elements but also from dirty shoes and clothes, spilt drinks or food and a number of other causes. Over time, your car may begin to smell; the leather or vinyl may dry out and become brittle; stains become eyesores; and the color of the material may fade. All of these problems will impact the resale value of your car.

Here are some tips for how to clean various materials in your car. Have a look here:-

Interior Car Cleaning: You should clean your car's interior about every month to prevent dirt and grime from settling into materials. Wipe up stains as soon as they happen. The longer you wait, it will be harder to remove a stain. Always use a clean sponge or cloth when cleaning.


Make Dashboard Look Like New Again: Restoring the color of your car's dashboard can make it look like new again and make you feel great every time you get into the car. The process is not difficult, but it does require careful preparation, planning and execution. Rust-Oleum Wipe New Trim Restore can be a good choice for the same. This car restoration is very effective which gives you long lasting protection.

Phone Holder: A fun and nerdy way to make your car look prepare, as well as a functional way to view your mobile navigation system if you use your cell phone. Cell phone holders come in all different shapes and styles. So use it and give a restoring touch to your car.

phone holders benefits in a car

Make Seat Covers Stainless: Whether you want to hide old upholstery stains and tears, give your interior a new look or color or you’ve always wanted “leather” seat covers are the way to go. Rust-Oleum NeverWet Auto Interior Spray is the best choice for it. A liquid repelling treatment which is specially made for interiors of cars. Protect auto interiors from stains, moisture, and water.

Video Screens & Monitors: Mobile car video technology has come a long way since the days when it was mainly limited to recreational vehicles. If you’ve got the cash for it, video screens are a cool way to enhance your car and it gives a luxurious touch to your car. They’re especially great for entertaining the young ones on long road trips.

video screens and monitors makes car luxurious

Renew Fabrics: Rust-Oleum Automotive Fabric and Vinyl Spray Paint renews and protects your car’s dash board, door panels and seats. Suitable for fabric, simulated leather and vinyl as seen on TV, you won’t believe your eye! It is the longest lasting solution for protecting your car. It’s quick and easy just renew and watch your car will regain its showroom shine.

renew fabric and make it look like new

Wrap Up: Let Truworth help you improve your used car!

Just because your car is getting older doesn’t mean you have to get rid of it. Although we would love to help you drive home in a new car, we can also help you improve the one you already have!

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