How to Make Beautiful Chair with Old Suitcase

How to Make Beautiful Chair with Old Suitcase

Reusing old items gets the innovative energies which flows in a way that is evergreen and cherished. A vintage suitcase, for example, can be changed into a comfortable seating while making a bold fashion statement for your home. For a totally pretty up-cycled chair, you need to reuse thrift store or vintage fabrics, and just borrow the necessary hardware and chair legs from utilised items also.

Painting suitcases can sort of be tricky business, so let us share DIY project to create stunning chair with old suitcase.

How to Make Beautiful Chair with Old Suitcase

Things You Will Need

Old hard-sided suitcase

Measuring tape Plywood
Saw Drill Assorted drill bits
4 screw 4 mounting plates Permanent Marker
4 suitably sized tableor chair
legs with screw-in tops
Rust- Oleum Painter’s Touch Acrylic Primer Spray Paint Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic Spray Paint
Steady upholstery foam Spray Adhesive Weights
Fabric Scissors 2 ideal suitcase sized pieces of upholstery foam
Needle Heavy thread Fabric Glue

The initial step is to prime your suitcase with Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Acrylic Primer Spray Paint. If you cover the suitcase with primer that will enable the paint go on more consistently, and it will have a beautiful finish. Spray the suitcase forward & backward, making sure to spray off the edges of the suitcase, which will help keep away any trickles.

Step 1

Step-2: Once the primer dries, you need to apply the Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic Spray Paint utilizing the similar strategy. There are a few detail areas around the locks and handle that you can ensured will completely covered in paint too.

Step 2

Step-3: Now you should measure and cut a piece of plywood to fit the within base of a hard-sided suitcase case.

Step 3

Step-4: Just turn the suitcase over the other side and now drill a small pilot hole through each corner on the base of the suitcase and into the plywood. Join the plywood to the suitcase by fixing in four appropriately-sized screws from the underside of the suitcase. This holds it in place briefly for accurately marking the corner-mounted plates.

Step 4

Step-5: Now you need to place the four mounting plates on the bottom side, one to each corner and mark the screw-gap areas for each one utilizing a permanent marker. Now simply remove the plates and drill needed small pilot holes at each marked point.

Step 5

Step-6: You need to remove the temporary screws which are holding the plywood to the suitcase. Replace the corner leg mounts and attach them to the base of the suitcase utilizing the screws that came with the plates.

Step 6

Step-7: Screw on the legs briefly to guarantee everything fits, then remove and paint the legs whenever wanted, and put them aside.

Step 7

Step-8: Open the suitcase on a solid surface like a low table for easiness of access and sensibly fit firm upholstery foam into both the base and best parts, nearly one-half to three-quarters full. This first layer of cushioning won’t appear, but should fill the cavities enough that the top chair cushions do not squash down uncomfortably into the finished suitcase chair when you take a sit.

Step 8

Step-9: Now the next step is that remove the foam, apply spray adhesive to the internal parts of the suitcase halves, and replace the foam, weighting it down briefly while the glue dries.

Step 9

Step-10: Measure, cut and fold your preferred fabric around two suitably-estimated bits of upholstery foam or old pillows. Now towards to the last, you need to tuck the fabric around the sides to the back and stitch in place with needle and heavy thread to hold it. Stitches don’t need to be beautiful as they will not appear when the chair is finished.

Step 10

Step-11: Apply a lavish amount of fabric glue on the back of the cushions to glue them in place over the foam already inside the top and bottom parts of the suitcase.

Step 11

Step-12: Screw on the legs and set up your new chair in place.

Step 12

Tip: Utilize spray adhesives and paint either outside or in a well-ventilated room.

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