How to Make a Metallic Magnolia Wreath

How to Make a Metallic Magnolia Wreath

Wreaths don't need to be full and fluffy to be stunning. Magnolia leaf wreaths are dazzling and can be utilized as all year or as a holiday décor. However, depending on from where you buy, they can cost a pretty penny. You can make your own wreath from the fresh leaves of the magnolia tree in your front yard instead. You should try this simple, modern take on the traditional holiday wreath with preserved or freshly cut magnolia leaves.

How to Make a Metallic Magnolia Wreath

Things you’ll need

Preserved magnolia leaves

Hot glue gun

Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic Spray Paint (gold, silver, copper, brass)


Gold Leaf


Adhesive sizing

Gold Ribbon

Foam Brush


Step-1 Gather Mangolia Leaves

If you have magnolia tree in your yard, at this point this DIY will cost you nothing, it will take only a brief time and patience. You can begin by collecting magnolia leaves that had fallen. You can arrange them by size and can get a collection of leaves that were similar in size and rather flat.

Gather Leaves

Step-2 Add Color

Divide preserved magnolia leaves equally into four groups and cut off leaf stems. Spray each group of leaves with Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic Spray Paint, one of the four colors and let it dry.

Add Colors

Step-3 Seal Leaves

Distinct out the brass leaves and apply gold leaf & apply the leafing unevenly, by following up the package directions. When these all are get dry, utilize a spray Shellac to seal the brass leaves & then seal the rest three colors of leaves with Shellac as well. Enable the leaves to thoroughly dry in a well-ventilated area, preferably overnight.

Seal Leaves

Step-4 Assemble Wreath

Wrap a 16-inch fluffy wreath with gold ribbon, securing the ends with hot glue or pins. Then wrap a wire around the frame so you'll have the capacity to simply hang the completed wreath. Apply the leaves by covering them each one at a time, securing the base of each leaf with hot glue as you go. Repeat this procedure, covering different colors of metallic leaves until the entire form has been covered.

Assemble Wreath


The completed project you will find sort of unique, gorgeous wreath that is perfect for the holidays, or possibly even year round! You will obsessed with this gorgeous magnolia wreath and our DIY instructions make it so easy! Metallic spray paint and a touch of gold leaf transform preserved leaves into a neutral, metallic wreath. This wreath can be a great DIY gift, because metallics can be used in any holiday decor!

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