How to Fix Moisture in Walls (Images and Videos)

How to Fix Moisture in Walls (Images and Videos)

Year’s most beautiful weather mansoon is pleasant for humans, animals, and plants. During mansoon, we all enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, plants get their greenish back, and animals get water to drink very easily. It is true that monsoon brings happiness to lives but at the same time it brings some problems as well. Unfortunately, many waterproofing issues wake up during this season such as moisture in walls, deposit of fungus on exterior walls, and more. This posts is dedicated to “how to fix moisture in walls”!

You can see moisture on walls due to several reasons. It could be leakage in pipes inside the walls or cracks on exterior walls/terrace or any other! It is very important to know the reason behind moisture for concrete treatment. Above discussed issues (leakage in pipes, cracks on walls/roofs) are found behind moisture on interior walls most of the times. Here, you will learn how to deal with each.

Cracks on Exterior Walls/Roofs

During the construction of home, most of the people use waterproofing paint but over the period of time coating of paint get damaged due to continuous hit of weather. Moreover, sometimes exterior walls starting cracking because of weather. Thus, you need to check cracks/damage in exterior paint and cracks on exterior walls before monsoon knocks the door.

You need to repaint the walls if there is any paint damage. In this case, you can use Rustoleum waterproofing paint which doesn’t prevent wall moisture only but do not allow mold & mildew to grow. This can be used over cement, masonry, concrete, and more. How to deal with cracks? You can use Rustoleum Watertite Hydraulic Cement to repair cracks on walls as well as terrace.

Additional Knowledge: In some situations, instant waterproofing is required. For an example: Rain is going on and water is coming in due to cracks on walls/roofs. In this kind of situation, Rustoleum Hydraulic Cement is very effective. It creates watertite barrier within 5 minutes even if water is flowing.

Crack On Exterior Walls and Roofs

Leaks in Pipes inside the Walls

You don’t need to take the help from professional to confirm that leaks in pipe have invited moisture! In order to ensure the same, just fill your roof water tank with little amount of water and then mix Ujala Neel in the water. Now, leave your water tank as it is for 2 days. Interior wall will become bluish if there is any leaks in pipes. This method is very effective to find out the exact point of leakage.

Leaky Pipes Inside Walls

Other Issues and Solutions

Other Waterproofing Issues In this point, we will discuss about other issues that cause moisture in interior walls. For better understanding, just see image at left hand side. People also use these kinds of tiles on terrace to give a beautiful look to home. They also make these kinds of windows (see in the image) on roof for ventilation. Actually, water goes inside via space between the tile slabs which may invite moisture on interior walls (You can see the space between tiles in image). For these kinds of small spaces, leak seal sprays are best to use. Just see the below video.

There could be many other reasons behind moisture on walls. It is not possible to discuss all here. Thus, just contact us for further queries. We will be happy to assist you.

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