How to Finish a Toy into a Metallic Gold Finish

How to Finish a Toy into a Metallic Gold Finish

Finishing a toy in a metallic gold finish is a very easy DIY task. All you will need is some household products along with the toy you want to paint, sandpaper and metallic gold spray paint. To help you do such task, here we’ve shared some steps of finishing a giraffe toy into a metallic gold finish, take a look!!

Step 1: Preparation

First of all, locate a well-ventilated area to work in and especially if you are going to work with a spray paint. Next, lay down a drop cloth to cover your workplace area from overspray.

Step 2: Sand the Surface

To remove any loose paint from the toy as well as to clean dust or other imperfection, you will want to sand the surface. Not only it helps you in eliminating all those imperfections but also aids in increasing inter-coat adhesion to the surface of the object. Next, wipe the entire mailbox and make sure it is free from all the adebris.

Step 3: Paint 

Once the toy is completely free from all the debris, you can apply paint on it. First, read the instruction mentioned on the side of the Metallic Gold Finish Spray cane carefully.

Step 4: Paint Application

First shake the spray-cane of metallic paint vigorously for a minute and make sure that mixing balls start to rattle. Hold the cane upright 10-16” from the surface and spray light coats in a study back and forth motion. Apply two or more light coats a few minutes apart to avoid drips and runs. Keep the cane in motions during spray. After applying all the coats, let the painted surface dry thoroughly or at least for 24 hours.

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