How A Car Get Scratches and How You Can Prevent Them

How A Car Get Scratches and How You Can Prevent Them

No matter where it comes from, and who is responsible, scratches are always terrible. The time when you see an ugly scratch on your car, there is nothing more unpleasant and upsetting than that. Unfortunately, it is not possible to keep scratches away every time! But, here are the most common situations that are responsible for the scratches and how you can prevent your car from them.

Here, in this article we have mentioned about how a car gets scratches and how you can prevent scratches and protect your car.

1) Car Might Get Scratched In Parking Lot

Car In Parking Lot

In a study, it is found that scratches on a vehicle happen most of the time in the parking lot, and particularly, when a person parks the car next to a vehicle which is not properly lined. Also, it might happen when you have parked your car near a place where the pedestrian passes close to it.

Idea: So, the best way to prevent and avoid the scratches on your car is to park it in an end spot of the parking lot and a little far from the pedestrian path.


2) Driving on Dirt Roads

Driving on Dirt Road

Generally, the lower body of a vehicle like bumper gets scratches due to driving on dirt roads. Then how to prevent your car from scratches? It is not possible to wipe the scratches off by simply using a rag and water.

Idea: How it would be if you can cover the lover body your vehicle with removable transparent coating? Of course, this will keep the scratches away. You can use Rust-Oleum Automotive Rock Guard Spray for the same. See the video to know how it works.


3) Improper Cleaning or Washing of Car

Improper Way To Clean Car

People often overpass the fact and clean their car’s surface in an improper way. For an example: It will deliver the scratches if dry cloth will be used to remove the dust. Therefore, remove the dust via vacuum or by washing with water.

Idea: You should keep all points in mind in order to keep your car scratch-free. Besides protecting your car from scratches, it will also help you in keeping your car new always.


4) Stains May Leave Scratches on the Surface

Removing Stains From Car

Your car will definitely spend some of its time, in the entire day inside the garage, in parking lot or on the driveway. And there is a huge possibility that your car might end up in a heavy messes and if you won’t clean them right away, they might get turned into tough stains, which are hard to remove with a single wash.

Idea: In this situation, instead of applying heavy force, use proper cleaning methods to remove these stains as they may leave scratches on the car surface.

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