Easy Way to Make a Mercury Glass Window Pane Mirror

Easy Way to Make a Mercury Glass Window Pane Mirror

If you have a can of spray paint, there's a lot you can do! Spray paint offers you more than just the ability to rapidly refresh the paint or even change the color of something. If you have an old household item, mirror, picture frame or vase when you include your innovativeness there is the ability to make something wonderful. Presently there is fun spray paint that offers chalkboard style, the golden look and even the super luxury mirrored style.

When you begin DIY projects with spray paint on old items you have in the house. You'll be having a fabulous time making numerous DIY projects for home decor that everybody will appreciate. Building up your spray painting skills is a "must" because including extra touch of spray paint makes adorable and totally remarkable projects!

Supplies you’ll need

  • An old window to spray.
  • Drop cloth.
  • Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect Spray Paint
  • Sandpaper.
  • Glass cleaner.
  • Paper towels.
  • Saw tooth picture hanger.

Step 1: The first step to making an old weathered mirror is to clean the old window well, to knock off years of dirt and chipping paint. Before starting work on your mirror transformation, utilizing a lead paint test kit to affirm that it's protected because it might well be painted with lead paint and you should be careful.

Step-2: Utilize glass cleaner to clean the two sides of the window. Once your window is clean and dry, shake up the Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect Spray Paint for two or three minutes until the point when your arms get so tired you can't shake any longer.

Step-3: Presently, it's time to begin painting. These mirrored paints have a strong smell, so do this outside or in a very much ventilated space or wear a mask. Apply a layer of the mirror spray paint to the back side of your window/mirror. This is the side you'll need to be facing the wall. Utilize a smooth, left to right sweeping motion.

Give the first coat dry for about minute at that point grab your spray bottle with the vinegar-water solution. While the paint is still wet, spritz the backside of the glass with the vinegar and water solution and blot gently with a paper towel. This will expel flecks of paint and help to create the mercury glass look of the mirror. Work rapidly, as the mirror spray paint dries rapidly.

Step-4: Apply a second thin layer of the spray paint, at that point spray with the vinegar-water solution and blot. Keep layering and evacuating paint until you have the crackled look you need. Ensure you check how things are looking from the front of the mirror before proceeding with the next layer of paint.

If you incline toward a solid mirrored surface to the mercury glass effect, you can avoid the vinegar-and-water distressing. Simply keep including thin coats until you have the mirrored look you need.

Step-5: Paint the wood frame on the front side of my mirror with a few layers of the paint of your wish.

Step-6: The final step is to include a sawtooth holder or hanging wire on the back of your mercury glass window pane mirror. Now just look adoringly at your DIY project.

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