Do These Simple Things to Distress Your Wood Furniture

Do These Simple Things to Distress Your Wood Furniture

Distressing wood furniture is an amazing way to add some charm to your house. Vintage, antique, and worn-down furnishing has an attraction to it that new furniture often does not. One choice for attaining this appearance without spending a fortune on antiques is distressing the furniture yourself.

Do These Simple Things to Distress Your Wood Furniture

By following a few steps and getting to know a few techniques, you can quickly learn how to distress wood furniture to achieve an attractive, aged appearance.

Sand, Dent or Scrape

Distressed furniture is generally supposed as having a shabby chic style and you can supposed to see it in rustic, antique, industrial but also Nordic or contemporary interior decors. The methods you can utilize if you need to distress something are pretty different. You can try to intentionally sand, dent or scrape and finish off your piece of furniture.

Wood Grain Enhancer

Aged wood most often is nicked, dented and usually pretty beat up. In order to create your distressed wood look real, add age to your wood with dents and allow your wood surface appearance extra attractive with Rust-Oleum Varathane Wood Grain Enhancer. The wood varnish is designed to choose out the grains of stained and bare wood. This is great for the distressed look. These flaws add character to it!

Worn Look with Paint Stripper

The object’s finish is deliberately destroyed or renovated in order to make it look less perfect. When you’re distressing a bit of furniture you need to remove some however not all of the paint and to do that you can utilize sandpaper or a paint stripper. The purpose is to provide some subtle proof of the several layers of paint underneath and to offer the piece a worn look.

Create Cracks-like Look with Spray

You can locate antiquing spray paints and varnishes in craft stores. When applying new layers of paint, you may water down the combination if you want to allow the wood and the previous layers show through. Also, new layers of paint can be sponged directly to make an uneven finish or else you can utilize Rust-Oleum American Accents Crackle Creations Spray Kit to make them appear worn.

Distress Different Surfaces

It’s best to apply distressing to such a furniture piece and the outcomes are wonderful. The final appearance is generally called a patina and this term is typically used when describing antique pieces. Keep in mind that distressing can be implemented to numerous different types of surfaces, not just wood. This consists glass, metal, plastic, stone, concrete and even plaster.


Distressed wood has the look of being weathered and antique, giving it texture and a rustic, homey attraction. In some lumber stores you can purchase salvaged wood called barn wood, so named as it's typically salvaged from old barns which have seen many years of weathering. However, making your own distressed wood is amazingly easy, and may be made a fraction of the price.

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