DIY Project with Chalkboard Paint: Handmade Serving Tray

DIY Project with Chalkboard Paint: Handmade Serving Tray

There are uncountable DIY projects that have been done with chalkboard paint! In this blog, you will learn to handmade make serving tray with the same paint which will enable you to label the name of recipe!

In order to complete this project, following materials are required:-

Have you got the above stuff? If yes, they just follow the below step by step instructions.

Step 1st: Sanding

Sanding Wooden Board

It is time to sand the wooden board by using sandpaper. It will make the surface smooth. The best way to send is sand in the direction of grains. Initiate the process with 120 grit and then use 180-grit of sandpaper. Afterwards, finish it with 220-grit sandpaper. See the below image for a clear picture.

Step 2nd: Staining Wooden Board

Application of Wood Stain On Wooden Board

Once the sanding is done, just remove the sanding dust and then apply the wood stain that you have got! It is really easy to apply the stain to the wood. You can easily apply it with a cotton cloth. Click here to see the video.

Step 3rd: Protect with PU

Application of Polyurethane On Wooden Board

Once the wood stain is dried, it is time of apply polyurethane! PU protects the wooden surface from scratches and abrasion. Generally, polyurethane are available in gloss, semi-gloss, and satin finishes! You can use any finish as per your choice! Just apply the PU with the help of brush as shown in below image!

Step 4th: Apply Chalkboard Paint

Application of Chalkboard Paint On Wooden Board

Tape around the areas and apply the chalkboard paint as shown in the below image. It is recommended to apply the 3 coats with the intervals of 1 hour.

Step 5th: Install Cabinet Handles

Install Cabinet Handles On Wooden Board

Once the paint is completely dried, just install the cabinet handles with the help screws and screw driver as shown in the below image. Now, you handmade tray is ready to serve!

Additional Tips

  • You may use one step stain & polyurethane spray instead of using wood stain and polyurethane separately.
  • You can get the chalkboard surface in any color if you are going to use Rust-Oleum Tintable Chalkboard Paint.
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