DIY Geometric Mirror That Will Look Great in Your Home

DIY Geometric Mirror That Will Look Great in Your Home

Did you ever try to buy a decorative bathroom mirror? The procedure may be annoying. It's hard to discover something that works well with your decor, while also staying within your budget. You can enjoy it when you will try to discover the perfect bathroom mirror. So, of course, you can make one! Keep reading to find out how to make this DIY mirror utilising wooden dowel rods.

DIY Geometric Mirror That Will Look Great in Your Home

Things you’ll need

8 square wooden dowel rods

14 inch diameter beveled edge mirror

Varathane One Step Stain and Polyurethane - Oil Based

4 inch long wooden 2x4

Measuring tape 

Trash bag 

8 inch long piece of wire 

Wire cutters 

(2) 1 inch wood screws

Wood Glue

E6000 Glue

Disposable paint brush

Picture hanger for mounting

Electric drill or screwdriver

Rubber gloves


Start by staining your dowel rods using with Varathane One Step Stain and Polyurethane as per the instructions on the can. Wear rubber gloves and guard your work surface with a trash bag or a plastic drop cloth. Also make sure to open a window for ventilation. You need to permit the first coat of stain dry and then apply a second coat. Stain the small 2x4 piece nicely.

Step 1


Once the stain is fully dry, arrange 4 of the dowel rods on a flat surface in the form of a hashtag. Lay out the first two parallel to each other, then place the next two on top perpendicular to the first two. The square that's shaped should be only a touch smaller than your mirror, so the mirror can sit on the two top dowels (so about 13 inches apart). Test it out before you begin gluing. Add a dab of wood glue at the connection points, wipe away any extra and permit it to dry carefully. Repeat the same procedure on the other 4 dowels.

Step 2


While the dowels are drying, create your mounting piece. Bend the wire to make a loop on each end and fix the loops into the wood utilizing the screws. You need to screw them in 3/4 inch from the bottom of the piece.

Step 3


Next step is that you need to glue one of your hashtag-shaped dowel sets on top of the other one. They will only connect at two spots, so glue them in a better way. Wipe away any extra glue.

step 4


Next, place the mirror face down on your table and glue the two dowels on the bottom layer to the back of the mirror using strength glue. Glue the mounting piece to the back of the mirror using strength glue adhesive too, so that it is touching the dowel at the top. Make sure to glue the mounting piece with the wire on the bottom of the mounting piece, closer to the center of the mirror. This is significant so that the picture hanger doesn't display above your DIY mirror.

Attach the picture hanger to the wall and hang up your stunning new DIY mirror!

Step 5


It works well everywhere you want a DIY frame for a mirror in the bathroom, above a makeup vanity or inside the entryway. It's a better way to add some persona to any space!

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