DIY Diwali Cleaning Tips: Make Your Cleaning Easy and Affordable

DIY Diwali Cleaning Tips: Make Your Cleaning Easy and Affordable

Diwali, the festival of lights, brightness and happiness is just a few weeks away and everyone surely starts doing preparation for this auspicious occasion. It starts with cleaning the house, fixing the old household items, and ends with decorating the house with new color and texture. But, all these task are not as easy as it sounds, in fact, it may takes more than a week to clean the house only. Here are some easy to follow house cleaning tips that you can use to clean the house in half the time.

Plan Cleaning: First of all, you should make schedules on what part of the house you are going to clean. Of course, you don't want to clean the entire house in a day. For instance, today you have plan to clean the kitchen and tomorrow the living room and so on. Also, before digging your hands deep into the clean-up ritual, first prepare an area in the house where you can keep all that you plan to get rid of. This makes the process of disposing easier.

Make Some Arrangements: Cleaning the house in partners or along with the family members will finish the task twice as fast. So, get your all family members involved in home cleaning. Also, you can put a sound system in your house to good use. Listening music while cleaning is actually fun. But, be careful, you may spoils the mood just by making a mistake.

Gather All the Supplies: Now, grab all the materials that you may need while cleaning the house at one place. Also, keep in mind to wear mask and glasses if you do not want to deal with dust and dirt badly.

Restore Faded Household Stuffs: Surely, you are having some/many faded items in your home that you want to paint but painting is really time consuming and full of hassle. You will have to sand, clean, and prime the surface before applying topcoat paint. Also, it is very challenging to protect clothes, floors, and other surfaces from the stains of paint. What to do now? You can use WipeNew ReColor instead of paint in order to restore the color of faded surface. It restores faded surface instantly. Just see the below video to know how it works. ReColor can be used for numerous surfaces including plastic, metal, wood, painted surface, rubber, stone and more.

Take Care of Marble Floors and Furniture: During Diwali Safai Abhiyan, people have to move their heavy furniture from here to there very frequently. In this process, either furniture or marble floors get scratches. Thus, don’t be superman, always take help of family members while moving furniture. Also, cover your marble floors during paint for preventing stains. In case, if drop of paint has fallen down on floors then remove the same instantly. In any case, if your marble floors get stains then it recommended to use marble cleaning chemical only instead of using household cleaner.

Bathroom Cleaning: Basically, there are 3 challenges that people face while cleaning bathroom and these are soap scums, hard water stains, and yellowish tiles/bathtub/sink. Although, you can clean soap scums and hard water stains easily if you are having good cleaning chemical like Original Krud Kutter but it is difficult to deal with ceramic tiles, tubs, and sinks that have become yellowish in color. Replacing them will take time and thousands of bucks! You can save your lots of money and time as well by painting them with Rust-Oleum Tub and Tile Paint. You can see below video to see its application.

Cleaning Fabrics: This is most difficult job of Diwali Safai Abhiyan! Thus, women start cleaning of fabrics before some couples of weeks of Diwali. They do this job in installments! Even some husbands help their wives in the same on Sunday! Anyway, following are important some points that you must remember while cleaning your clothes, curtains, carpets etc.

  • Clothes start smelling after cleaning them in dirty washing machine. Thus, always clean your washing first.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to remove tough stains via ordinary detergent powders and soaps. In this case, use a cleaning chemical that removes stains without altering colors of fabrics. You can use Krud Kutter Sports Cleaner for the same.
  • Fabrics like carpet become dirty and dusty both. Thus, you must remove dust from them by flicking or other suitable method in order to clean them easily.
  • Always use deodorizer so that your fabrics can smell good. Krud Kutter Sports Cleaner has inbuilt properties of deodorizer.
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