Crate Firepit Cart using Shutters and Rust-Oleum Products

Crate Firepit Cart using Shutters and Rust-Oleum Products

Create the perfect outdoor entertaining space with a versatile firepit cart using shutters for your next evening party. Our Do it Yourself firepit cart will help you in making an amazing fire that coordinates perfectly with both your decorative and functional needs. Here’s how we made this firepit cart in a few simple steps. Also, to personalize the cart, we’ve applied some wood stain and spray paint that available at Rust-Oleum India for purchase.

Step 1: Prepare the workplace area

First and foremost, locate a well-ventilated and dust-free area to work in. Next, spread out a drop cloth to protect the surrounding area from overspray. Also, keep in mind to wear gloves and a mask while spray painting, especially if you’re spraying in a confined space.

Step 2: Sand

sand wood shutters plywood and crates

If you find any rough edges, scratches, and dents on the wood shutters, plywood, and crates, remove them using a sanding block so the paint can better adhere to the surface. Afterward, use a lint-free cloth to wipe away the dust from the surface and make sure it is free from all the debris.

Step 3: Prime

To provide excellent adhesion to the paint, apply primer on the wooden shutters and plywood. Hold the Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Primer Spray cane above 10-16” away from the surface and spray in a steady-back and forth motion, overlapping each coat for best coverage. Let it dry for at least 30 minutes prior to apply paint.

Step 4: Paint

paint your firepit

After letting the primed surface dry for 30 minutes, it’s time apply paint on it. First, read the instruction carefully mentioned on the side of Rust-Oleum Matte Harvest Spray cane. Later on, paint the Matte Harvest Orange onto the shutters and plywood as instructed. Wait at least 30 minutes before adding the second coat and once done set them aside to dry thoroughly.

Step 5: Stain

staining polyurethane

Stain protects and preserves the beauty of the wood, so it lasts longer. Before starts staining the crate with Rust-Oleum Varathane Wood Stain, first stir it thoroughly using stir stick. Now, apply a liberal coat to the unfinished wood crates with a high-quality paint brush or lint-free cloth. Let it dry for at least 1 hour. Also, top coat the wood crates with super urethane for added protection. 

Step 6: Assemble the Cart

diy firepit cart using shutters and rust-oleum products

Once all the wooden items are dry enough for handling (about 24 hours), start assembling your cart. Screw plywood into the wood shutters to bridge a middle shelf that will hold your upper crates.

Next, place crates on both shelves and fill your cart with the items you need to get the party started!

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