Best Car Polish in India: WipeNew Trim Restore Reviews & Ratings

Best Car Polish in India: WipeNew Trim Restore Reviews & Ratings

The function of car polish should not just limited to boost the shine of surface only. It is possible to enhance the shine of exterior car body (painted surface) with any polishing kit but have you ever think about how will you deal with faded side mirror covers, bumpers, dashboard and door panels? Car polish must perform beneficial functions such as protecting the surface from UV rays, restore the look faded plastic like bumper, can be used for interior and exterior surfaces and more. Thus, Truworth brings an award winning multi-purpose Wipe New Trim Restore Car Polishing Kit. Here you can check useful information such as uses, FAQs, ratings and reviews of the same, so that you get to know about the reliability of this amazing product.

Features and Uses of Wipe New Trim Restore

Wipe New Trim Restore is the progressive revolutionary solution for reestablishing a showroom new look to your vehicle's exterior and interior! This car restoration is exceptionally powerful, just a single application is sufficient to restore for years. Here are some of the amazing and effective features of this product that will leave you surprise with its result. Have a look here-

  • Long lasting protection even after car wash
  • Right choice for Interior and Exterior.
  • Perfect for bumpers, side mirrors, dashboard, trim, door panels and more.
  • It doesn’t restores the original sheen, it also guards most surfaces from sun exposure, road salt, water spots, tree sap, and other harsh elements that eventually wear away that showroom new appearance.
  • Can be used on RVs, boats and motorcycles also.


Door Panels and Mirror Covers Before After

Awards, Reviews and Ratings of Wipe New Trim Restore

wipe award Wipe New Trim Restore, Sema Global Media Award winner,
is completely different than any other trim restorer. It is in-
tended to guard and provide results that out last any other
product claiming to restore automotive vinyl and plastics
that really stands out fresh for the year.

Here are some of reviews from our happy clients who are completely satisfied with Wipe New (From Amazon.Com):-

  • This stuff is great and actually works. I can tell that it will last a long time. It actually beads the rain water - KRM
  • I would highly recommend this product to anyone with faded trim! I used this on my 2005 f250 and now every piece of trim looks brand new! - JonB
  • This stuff is great. Just follow the instructions and you will be happy.- Keith Rogers

wipe new ratings

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the FAQs which will be helpful for you when you go through it and it will be easy for you to use. So that you will get to know about everything which makes it best and different from others.

How much Wipe New Trim Restore is required for my vehicle?

With Wipe New Trim Restore, a little goes far. Since you only apply Wipe New Trim Restore in a single wipe over the surface with very little overlap, 1.5 ounces is sufficient. If the surface is badly faded and spongy, a second application may be needed for the best impact.

Should I wear gloves when using Wipe New Trim Restore?

We suggest wearing the included gloves when applying Wipe New Trim Restore because once dry it can be difficult to expel from your skin and may also be slightly irritating to some people.

Can you use this product on the rubber molding on a car?

Yes and it worked pretty well.

Will Wipe New damage my clothes?

Wipe New Trim Restore contains no dyes, however, it does roughen as it dries and may harm your clothing.

How long will Wipe New last after it's applied to the surface?

Wipe New Trim Restore is guaranteed to last for two years on most surfaces but may require reapplication over time to surfaces.

Where can I find helpful tips for using Wipe New?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any additional questions you may have. For more tips, just see the below video!

Featured Video of Wipe New Trim Restore

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