Aerosol Spray Paint FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Aerosol Spray Paint FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The main reason behind people love to use spray paints is they are ready and easy to use. There is no need of additional supplies like paint brush, thinner etc. These are becoming very popular in India but at the same time people have many queries related to spray paints. Consequently, we have come up some frequently asked questions.

What are the advantages of using spray paint?

  • They are much faster as compare to brush paint.
  • Specialty range of spray paint can be used to give gold, silver, chalkboard etc. type of finishes to the surface.
  • If you have comfort spray tip, you will really enjoy spray painting.
  • They are more durable than water based spray or regular latex paint.
  • Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Spray Paints have the properties of primer as well.

What are surfaces spray paints used for?

It depends on the type of aerosol spray! Spray paint like Painter’s Touch is best to use for wood, metal, plastic etc. On the other hand, it is difficult to paint plastic surface with Stops Rust.

How to avoid bubbles and cracks?

Commonly bubbles and cracks take place in following circumstances:-

  • It happens when the temperature of surroundings is too low.
  • You can see them if you have not primed the surface especially wood.
  • Bubbles/cracks take place when surface preparation is not done properly.

How to fix crackle/bubbles?

Just wait until the cracked and bubbles are completely dry. You should let them dry for 24 hours. Once they are dried, sand the surface with medium to fine grade sandpaper. Afterwards, coat the surface with primer and let it dry completely. Again, lightly sand the surface and apply top coat paint.

What are the best practices to use spray paint?

Following are the best practices for using spray paint:-

  • As discussed above, cracks/bubbles may take place if surface preparation is not done. Thus, surface preparation is recommended.
  • Shake the can vigorously for 1 minute before using. Shake often during use.
  • Work in proper ventilation.
  • Keep the can 10-16 inches away from the surface.
  • Several light coats will deliver good results instead of one heavy coat.
  • It is recommended to wear mask while using it.

You can also check this video to know the best practices of using spray paint.

What is the difference between gloss, semi-gloss, and matte?

Gloss means shine. Semi-gloss is less shiny as compare to gloss. Matte is non-reflective.

Is it necessary to use primer spray always?

No! It is not always necessary but it depends on the type of surface. Primer spray is recommended in cases such as of painting wood, rusted metal, and glossy surface.

What to do if spray nozzle is clogged?

Just clean the spray nozzle with clean and warm water and if it doesn’t work use mineral sprit.

Is it possible to refill the cans?

No! It is not possible!

If you have any other queries. You can post your question in comment box.

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