5 Simple Glass Decoration Ideas for Home

5 Simple Glass Decoration Ideas for Home

Have you ever heard about the glassware decoration? Well, if you haven’t, continue to read the following. Basically, glassware can be defined as ornaments or articles made from glass that can be utilized as a part of interior decoration. Out of all the products out there, glass is something that can be incorporated into the interior decoration in a variety of ways and interestingly it is easily available in lot of verities.

To help you with glassware decoration, we have shown some of the simple and do it yourself glass decoration ideas here, take a glance.

Etching like Effect: - Etching like effect or Glass etching can be defined as a technique of creating artistic designs on a piece of glass. Using an etched glass in a home has become a leading design trend nowadays. However, these kinds of glasses are mostly found in the bathroom, typically in the form of shower enclosures. Those who think that etching like glass is only possible with a machine can have a look at this video!! In which video, you will find how a simple glass being converted into an etched one just by using Frosted glass spray paint. This paint has a semi-transparent coating that allows it to produce such effect to a glass. You can also use stencils and any other design template to draw onto the glass with such effect.

Etching like Effect

Label with Chalkboard: - With so many new and innovative paint applications for the glass decoration in the market today this is the one that stands out significantly from the rest. Besides decorating the house, the chalkboard labeled bottles can help you in keeping a track of everything. Also, you can rewrite on the chalkboard label by simply erasing off the content on the surface. Well, labeling a glass bottle with chalkboard needs no rocket science even any person can do this task with ease. All you need is the object to be painted, some household products and Chalkboard paint. Yeah! Keep in mind to read the instruction carefully mentioned on the side of the tin before applying it onto the surface.

Label with Chalkboard

Give Metallic Finish: - Metallic finish or coating is a thin layer of metal that seems to be coated over a surface of an object for different purposes. However, mostly this coating is used to give a new and shiny look to an object. And this is a fact that anything that shines always catches our eyeballs. This is the reason why home appliances, jewelry made of synthetic material and other decorative items at home are painted with a metallic finish. Besides these mentioned items, you can also use the metallic paint to coat the glass items. See this video to use this Metallic Spray Paint effectively.  

Give Metallic Finish

Stencils the Glass Bottles: - If you are thinking of doing some redecoration in your house, or are looking for a fun way to create professional quality arts and crafts, then you should consider stenciling. It is the finest way of decorating your home without spending a fortune. If you are passionate about home interior decoration, try stenciling. All its uses a stencil design and paint in order to transfer an image onto an item such as a wooden article, synthetic items, glass etc.

Stencils the Glass Bottles

Anti-Mirror Effect: - Create an anti-mirror effect on any glass bottle using Mirror spray paint. It is an innovative coating that is applied to the reverse or opposite side of glass and acrylic glass to transforms these into a unique mirror-like finish. It is ideal for all glasses including candle holders, glass vases, framed glass, jars, and tabletops. Also, the process of creating this effect is very easy that everyone can do it effectively. 

Anti Mirror Effect

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