5 Everyday Things That Ruin Your Car’s Paint

5 Everyday Things That Ruin Your Car’s Paint

Taking care of your car’s paintwork isn’t just a thing of possessing its appearance shiny showroom best; it’s about protecting its bodywork, defending it from rust spots, and enhancing its value of resale must you want to sell it on.

Sadly, it isn’t just car park dings and hateful acts of damage that can ruin your car’s paint. If you find from fingerprints to bird droppings; there are lots of innocent, everyday things that can blemish your car’s exterior.

5 Everyday Things That Ruin Your Car's Paint

Here are the top most common things that you can look for to help defend your paint. You possibly do not think of your car’s paint as a part of your car maintenance; however, it is significant part of the aesthetics of your vehicle that preserves its value. If you will do a great paint job then it will help you to resell your car for more money.

Spilled Gasoline

Be very careful while you are filling up your car. You should try not to overfill your tank, even during Hurricane season, because the gas could run all over your car or truck. Also, ensure that all of the drips are out of the gas nozzle earlier than removing it from your tank because you could drip on your paint job. Gas is an acidic liquid and it will take away at the paint job over time. If you get gas on your paint, wash it away with soap and water instantly. You could even maintain a cloth and some cleanser in your car for such occasions.

Splattered Bugs

Splattered flying bugs and car fronts just appear to go together, specifically during the summer.  Those dead bugs might seem harmless, but they actually can do serious harm to your vehicle’s paint because of their bodies’ acidity.  Not removed instantly, bug body imprints can clearly become stamped permanently into the top layers.  Experts advise washing them off right away utilizing a bug and tar remover, soft wash cloth and old-fashioned elbow grease.

Bird Poop

The pain of motorists all over the world; bird popping aren’t just unpleasant, they’re acidic and can cause permanent harm to your car’s paintwork. Not only have that, but birds often eaten nuts, seeds and bits of gravel which can scratch your paint on impact. To remove bird droppings, try the cleaning spray as per directions and utilize a gentle, lifting motion so as not to grind the substance into the paint.

Irregular Wash

Cars require regular washing to preserve their exteriors in tip-top situation. When you avoid to clean your car often, and rust patches could quick develop, particularly if the car is left uncovered through the winter months. Washing and shampooing your car on a fortnightly base, especially during the autumn and winter. Waxing is also a very significant step in taking care of your car’s paintwork; wax at least two times a year for complete safety.

Stones and Dirty Cloths

A lot of car paint damage may be affected by small stones or rocks hitting the surface of your car. Sometimes this is inevitable that you may still prevent this by driving sensibly on un-surfaced roads and surfaces that have recently been redone. Utilising dirty clothes or sponges can cause scratches and chips as there may be small stones, grit or dust in them. If there is dust or similar substances on the cloth, then they may be accidentally rubbed throughout the paint causing unnecessary damage.


There are a number of factors that cars are exposed to on a daily basis that dull, fade and otherwise harm your once-pristine paint job.  Some are apparent, but others might surprise you and oftentimes strike surprisingly.  With that in mind, here are everyday things that can ruin your car’s paint.

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