5 Easy and Affordable Ways to Give Sporty Look to Car

5 Easy and Affordable Ways to Give Sporty Look to Car

Car manufacturers design models of cars for large number of peoples. Thus, car owners (especially who love sport cars) want to givea look to their car that seizes pedestrian’s attention. Everyone who thinks about modifying the look of car, surely have countless ideas but most of them are not easy and affordable. Here are 5 easy and affordable ideas that you can adopt in order to make your car sporty


Peel Coat Your Car: Peel Coat Sprays are perfect for car/bike customization. Basically, these are removable coating sprays eligible you to do endless customization. Apart from adding color and style to a vehicle, peel coat is also great for making the finished surface more durable. You can use the peel coat to temporary change the color of both exterior and interior metal surface of a vehicle including wheels, brake calipers, hood, etc. Have look on below images to see how peel coat looks like.

Peel Coat

There are multiple types of peel coat sprays such as topcoat effect, simple, lens tint and more. Click here to see all. You can also check peel coat video to know its application.

Neon Lights: One of the cheap and easy ways to make car sporty is neon lights. You can use these lights for car’s interiors or exteriors. It depends on person to person. Neon light kits are fairly simple to install yourself and some come in a variety of colors or can be programmed to change with the song being played. Just see the image below.

Neon Lights

Tint Tail Lights: Tinting tail lights have become a most popular way to personalize the appearance of car. Basically, this is a technique in which people paint their tail lights with a paint that allows light to pass! This is a cool and affordable way to give a standout appearance to car. You can easily tint your side markers or indicators by using Rust-Oleum Lens Tint Spray. This spray gives your lights a tinted look until they are lit. Just see the below video to know how it works.

Car Spoiler: There is a range of aftermarket spoilers and body kits on the market that can really add to the overall style of your vehicle. Depending on the type of vehicle you drive, a custom-made rear spoiler might really enhance the look of the vehicle while also improving aerodynamics. It’s a race-ready look that will make your vehicle feel like it’s ready to hit the track.

Car Spoiler

Sports seats: Don’t just look the part but feel it too with sport-styled seats. Actual sport bucket seats are crafted to fit the contours of your body, this way, with each turn and takeoff, you’ll feel the seats comfortably keep you snug. It is not necessary to change complete seats, you change their color by using Rust-Oleum Fabric and Vinyl Spray Paint.

Car Seats

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