5 Do-It-Yourself Weekend Home Improvement Projects

5 Do-It-Yourself Weekend Home Improvement Projects

In the era of social media, it's easy to believe all links to live perfect lives full of home-baked delicacies and do-it-yourself masterpieces. Everyone have a wish to see their home to look gorgeous and up to date. In this hectic world, who has the time?

5 Do It Yourself Weekend Home Improvement Projects

Many easy do-it-yourself projects that will significantly enhance the appearance of your home can be completed by an amateur in only a weekend. A coat of paint here and there. Some reorganising & some planned decorating decisions. Nothing require power tools or a manual! And chances are, after you get started, you might not be capable to stop at just one DIY project. Check out these 5 home improvement ideas you can finish in a weekend!

Refresh A Lamp With Metallic Shade

It’s as smooth as giving your lamp a face lift. Perhaps you’ve purchased a lamp at your desired store, and you like the base, but you’re simply not that crazy about the color! Or perhaps you’ve found an incredible vintage lamp at a thrift store, but it’s missing the top. Don’t let that stop you from making a gorgeous piece! Use Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic Spray Paint as an opportunity to discover the right match to make a stunning lamp.

Create A Festive Centrepiece

This DIY project is so easy yet so powerful. Adding a brand new focal point to your tabletop with the centerpiece of your choice could make a big difference. Some people love placing flowers, but others like to avoid the trouble of removing fallen petals and refreshing the water. Try showing a container of fruit instead! You can make the perfect DIY metal table by your own.

Create a Festive Centrepiece

Restore Furniture

Turn your run-down, wooden furniture into a pure artwork. Painting wood is simple to do, and makes your vintage pieces look new again! Your furniture will be flawless as your new accessory piece, or even as the centre of attention in your room. Paint handles and refresh furniture with Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Acrylic Spray Paint to repurpose outdated furniture or thrift store furniture.

Restore Furniture 

Make A Succulent Terrarium

Plants always enliven a home. Fake plants look messy, and real plants can be a hard to preserve. Succulents are amazing if you don't have the greenest of thumbs. They are native desert plants and don't need much attention or water. Large glass bowls, such as fish bowls or floating candle bowls, are ideal for making a tiny bio dome for numerous colorful succulents.

 Make a Succulent Terrarium

Recycle Old Items

The lifespan of a glass bottle doesn’t expire when its content is emptied out. For a few lucky bottles, life barely begins there because that’s when they get changed into something else. One of the most unusual ways for a bottle to continue being valuable is by being up cycled into a flower vase. DIY is an innovative way to change glass bottles of all kinds into beautiful flower vases. Click here to see How to convert old glass bottles into beautiful flower vases.

Recycle Old Items


You’re provided some of weekend home improvement ideas. Did you involve in an easy DIY project that twisted your space around? Share your opinions! If you're a do-it-yourself on a tight timeline, spice up your routine with one of these easy projects, ideal for the weekend!

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